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The Semantic Report

SDForum Semantic Web SIG

Release of Interoperable Knowledge Representation for Intelligence Support (IKRIS) on Public Web Site (August 30, 2007)

Enterprise Architecture Framework Version 1.0, August 2007, Prepared by the Program Manager, Information Sharing Environment See Section 5.4.3 Observations and Issues: A long-term strategy should consider formal semantic representations for the CTISS data and metadata elements to provide a stable foundation supporting precise common meanings, accurate translations, semantic search, semantics-based information extraction and integration, and effective analysis of shared information. Evaluation studies and prototypes are needed to pave the way for a semantic technology implementation roadmap that will provide the ISE and its stakeholders the benefits of semantic capabilities. For example, the Web Ontology Language (OWL) and Resource Description Framework Schema are beginning to be adopted as standards as the World Wide Web evolves into the Semantic Web. Creation of a prototype that evaluates the use of OWL for data exchange in the ISE should be considered.

A simple strategy of using an OWL WordNet ontology for specification of services. USDL: A Service-Semantics Description Language for Automatic Service Discovery and Composition, Srividya Kona, et. al., April 11, 2006.

Dr. Barend Mons of the Erasmus Medical Centre in The Netherlands, BioSemantics.Org , and recent presentation (8.1MB)

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