SICoP Special Conference (February 6 2007) Building DRM 3.0 and Web 3.0 for Managing Context Across Multiple Documents and Organizations

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  • Time: 8:25 a.m. - 3:35 p.m.
  • Place: Computer Science Corporation, 3170 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church, VA, Executive Conference Center. Free Parking close by or a short cab ride from the Dunn Loring Metro Station.
  • Registration: CLOSED. LIMIT REACHED.
  • Accomodations: Marriott Fairiew Park
  • Remote Access: Dial-in Number: (XXX) XXX-XXXX and Access Code: XXXXXX 
    (33 Callers and a Total of 1783 Minutes)
  • Demonstration in Afternoon: GoTo Meeting with Meeting ID: XXX-XXX-XXX. Semantic Wiki: URL
  • Contacts: Lucian Russell, and Brand (US EPA)
  • Organizers: Lucian Russell, Author of the Guidance for Data Context and Data Description in the DRM 2.0 and SICoP Co-Chairs Mills Davis (Project10x) and Brand Niemann (US EPA)
  • Background: Background

Best Practices Process

Suggestion by George Strawn, NSF CIO, and Co-Chair of the Best Practies Committee at the Best Practices Committee Meeting, March 19, 2007 COLAB:

  • 1. Request for Best Practices: A way for CIOs and their friends to ask for help from other agencies (and others) as to what are best practices in a given activity.
  • 2. Requests for Best Practicers: Present to the Best Practice Committee (as we have been doing).
  • 3. Capture These Presentations: The audio/video as well as the materials that we already capture and make available over the Wiki.
  • 4. Facilitate Access to and Awareness of These Materials: RSS and perhaps other techniques.

Post Conference Comments

Thank you all for organising an enjoyable and productive day.

I was so impressed with the impeccable organization of the meeting.

It was an honor to be invited.

Thanks so much for organizing a truly stimulating meeting and having me! I enjoyed meeting new colleagues and learning what they are up to.

It was a pleasure having you. Thank you for coming to CSC.

Special Recognitions

Federal CIO Council’s Semantic Interoperability Community of Practice (SICoP) Special Reconitions to (see slides 13-18):

  • Michael Witbrock
    • Vice President for Research at Cycorp and Director of Knowledge Formation and Dialogue Processing Projects
  • John Prange
    • Director, Advanced Question and Answering for Intelligence Program (AQUAINT) and President of Language Computer Corporation
  • Lola Olsen
    • Project Manager, Global Change Master Directory, and Chair, Interagency Global Change Data and Information System (GCDIS) Subgroup, US Global Change Research Program
  • Christiane Fellbaum
    • Princeton University Ph.D. in Linguistics and Part of the Cognitive Science Department Under George A. Miller That Developed WordNet
  • Bryan Aucoin
    • DRM 2.0 Author and Former Co-Chair of the Architecture & Infrastructure Committee’s Data Architecture Subcommittee
  • Lucian Russell
    • DRM 2.0 Author and Organizer of the Building DRM 3.0 and Web 3.0 Conference


  • Welcome:
    • Brand Niemann, SICoP Co-chair, and Ken Bonner, Vice President, ESI Business Development, CSC.
  • Part 1 (8:30 - 10:00 a.m.):
    • Lucian Russell and Bryan Aucoin (30 minutes).
      • To describe the intent of the two sections of DRM 2.0 (Data Context and Data Description) and how IKRIS enables their unification. Lucian Russell and Bryan Aucoin wrote the key technical descriptions in the Data Reference Model 2.0.
    • Christiane Fellbaum (30 minutes)
      • WordNet describes the many relationships that exist in English; the theme is to use precise words for topics in the Data Context and be aware that not just any words will do. Christiane Fellbaum of WordNet understands the English Language and its relationships which should guide our Data Context selections of topic words.
    • Lola Olsen (30 minutes).
      • The NASA Global Change Master Directory describes how several Petabytes of government information is successfully described, identified by topics, and accessed today. Lola Olsen has a project that successfully uses topics and data descriptions which can be our template – i.e. the government has the competence to do it right and it has been doing so for nearly two decades.
  • BREAK (10:00 - 10:15 a.m.)
  • Part 2 (10:15 – 11:15 a.m.):
    • John Prange, LCC.
      • What can be done today to extract logical relationships from text sources LCC is there as the company that specializes in extracting logical representations from language, which can generate new knowledge from well crafted Data Descriptions.
    • Michael Witbrock, CYCORP
      • What can be done today to represent knowledge and CYCL’s relationship to IKRIS’ IKL Cycorp is there because they have the capabilities of IKRIS, the new Unification of Common Logic and Non-monotonic logic, today in their product and can interface with the language descriptions to build machine-processable logical models today.
  • Part 3 Special Recognitions and Panel Discussion (11:15 a.m. - 12:00 noon) with the audience:
    • “Why not build the DRM and Web 3.0 now!”
  • Special Tribute to Lucian Russell by Terry Jansen.
  • LUNCH (12:00 noon - 1 p.m.) EBC Dining Room.
  • Part 4 (1:00 - 1:30 p.m.):
    • Mills Davis, SICoP Co-Chair and author of SICoP Module 2 White Paper "Semantic Wave 2006: Executive Guide to the Business Value of Semantic Technologies" (January 6, 2006)
    • Semantic Wikis: The Role of Techno-Social Collaboration in Building DRM 3.0 and Web 3.0 for Managing Context Across Multiple Documents and Organizations.
    • NCOIC Semantic Wiki Pilot
  • Part 5 (1:30 - 3:00 p.m.): Semantic Wiki Demonstrations: Revelytix KnoodlVisual Knowledge, and Semantic Insights:
    • Mike Lang, Co-Founder and Director, and John Vogt, Knoodl Developer, Revelytix.
      • MatchIT has the capability to reverse engineer the complete lists of terms from any collection of databases in any given domain and then automatically assign Wordnet senses to the terms including the synset for each term as well as calculating semantic distances between terms. This complete list of terms from the domain along with the Wordnet senses can be exported to Knoodl as an OWL model so that the rest of the DRM etadata can be collaborated over and added to each term and then maintained as either an OWL model or an SD. Revelytix Knoodl will be showing the proposed DRM 3.0 and Web 3.0 Knowlegebase that facilitates description and context in the same model, OWL, and does this within the collaboration framework.
    • Kyle Recsky for Conor Shankey, President and CEO, Visual Knowledge. Semantic Wiki Agents for Engineering: Basics and NCOIC Scenarios.
    • Chuck Rehberg, Semantic Insights: Applying ontology and linguistics to automate reading, writing, and reporting of knowledge and information in a semantic wiki.
  • Part 6 (3:00 - 3:30 p.m.)
    • NSF Support for Semantic Web Research.
      • Frank Olken, National Science Foundation, CISE/IIS, Based on presentation to International Semantic Web Conference, Athens, GA, November 7, 2006.
  • Closing (3:30-3:35 p.m.)
    • Mills Davis, SICoP Co-chair
  • Adjourn and Networking



    • Source: Expanding E-Government, Improved Service Delivery for the American People Using Information Technology, December 2005, pp. 2-3.
  • Semantics for information, knowledge, and reasoning-see Web site below


    • Source: SICoP Module 2 White Paper: "Semantic Wave 2006: Executive Guide to the Business Value of Semantic Technologies", January 6, 2006, page 25.
  • The Data Reference Model 3.0, Web 3.0 & SOAs



  • In Person:
    • Allen, Matthew
    • Anderson, Nikkia
    • Ardito, James
    • Ardito, Marguerite
    • Atri, Kamran
    • Aucoin, Bryan
    • Barrow, Lisa
    • Basik, Herbert
    • Beckman, Tom
    • Bedford, Denise
    • Belanger, Michael
    • Berg-Cross, Gary
    • Biow, Chris
    • Bodenreider, Olivier
    • Brown, Mike
    • Butterworth, Edwin C Jr.
    • Cherniavsky, John C.
    • Calhoun, JoAnne R.
    • Chang, Ai-Mei
    • Cheikes, Brant A.
    • Centers, Ross
    • Cox , Brad
    • Danielson, Jeannine
    • Davis, Mills
    • Disbrow, Jim
    • Dwarkanath, Sukumar
    • Evans, Andrew
    • Fellbaum, Christiane
    • Gee, F. Ruth
    • Hambry, Steve
    • Hamisevicz, Nicholas T.
    • Haugh, Brian A.
    • Hawley, Jeffrey D.
    • Heinig, Pat
    • Hodge, Gail
    • Hutcheson, Don S.
    • Jansen, Terry
    • Joubert, Doug
    • Kearney, Bill
    • Kirby, Kevin J.
    • Kinard, Benjamin
    • Levow, Peter
    • Li, David
    • Little, John
    • Lynch, Kevin S.
    • Martin-McCormick, David
    • McLaughlan, Ted
    • Mosher, Chuck
    • Mowbray, Tom
    • Nelson, Karen
    • Newman, Steve
    • Nicewick, Art
    • Nichols, Chuck
    • Nikolai, Ali
    • Niemann, Brand, Sr.
    • Niemann, Brand, Jr.
    • Olken, Frank
    • Olsen, Lola
    • Pavlak, Alex
    • Peck, Jonathan
    • Prange, John
    • Purvis, Lisa
    • Ray, Steven R.
    • Rehberg, Chuck
    • Rockmore, Joe
    • Russell, Lucian
    • Sall, Ken
    • Sibley, Ed
    • Simpson, Jeff
    • Sood, Shashi
    • Spik, Dean
    • Stevenson, Brooke
    • Stevenson, Ian
    • Strawn, George
    • Taylor, JT
    • Tiemann, Mike
    • Turnbull, Susan
    • Tuttle, Dale
    • Ugarte, Allyson
    • Vogt, John
    • Wahl, Zach
    • Waltham, Byron
    • Welty, Chris
    • West, Tim
    • Wibrock, Michael
    • Wilkes, Nathan
    • Yanosh, Sean
    • Yen, Craig
  • CSC:
    • Bonner, Ken
    • Cremides, Constantino (Tino)
    • Davis, Paul
    • Hansen, Victor
    • Goodier, James
    • Kanaan, Muhannad
    • Richard J. Kramer
    • Neal, Douglas
    • Pacheco, Ralph
    • Shockro, Bill
    • Thomas, Bernard J.
    • Wheeler, Bim
  • Remote:
    • Beatty, John
    • Cummens, Mike
    • Fallows, Jim
    • Smith, Bob
    • Swart, Bonnie
    • Turnitsa, Charles
    • Yim, Peter


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