SICoP Special Conference (February 5 2008): Building Semantic Interoperability Solutions for Information Sharing and Integration

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Time: 8:25 a.m. - 3:35 p.m.

Place: Computer Science Corporation, 3170 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church, VA, Executive Conference Center. Free Parking close by or a short cab ride from the Dunn Loring Metro Station.

Registration: Closed. Please attend remotely.

Accomodations: Marriott Fairiew Park

Remote Access: Dial-in Number:  and Access Code:

Contacts: Brand Niemann (US EPA)

Organizers: Lucian Russell (Private Consultant), Bryan Aucoin (Alanthus Associates), Michael Lang (Revelytix), Mills Davis(Project10x) and Brand Niemann (US EPA)

Registrants (as of February 5, 2008): 65 in-person (52 callers for 5725 minutes) 

Special Recognitions: See Slides 15-18.

Press Coverage: February 4, 2008, Federal Computer Week, Make good data great, Flashy it's not, but a well-oiled data architecture project can pay dividends. See Sidebar: Data architecture's 'Medici effect'

February 18, 2008, Government Computer News, Context is everything: CIO Council looks to semantic interoperability to expand data sharing.

Special Announcement: Steve Hamby

Proceedings: This will be audio and video recorded similar to the First SICoP Special Conference at CSC, February 6, 2007 .

Post Conference Comments: in process

Important Announcement: International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) 2009, in Washington, DC. Please contact:


Post Conference Comments

Congrats to all and special appreciation to Brand and the SICoP leadership for recognizing the NCOIC's value.

Great session today. I don't know how you find all these great folks.

Thanks again for the opportunity to present.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

You are an excellent host. The SICoP conference was marvelous!

David Sweet's presentation on the "NEO" National Air Space Systems initiative was the best. The magnitude of his program is unbelievable and it sounds best of breed as far as federal initiatives are concerned.

I really enjoyed the talks today. Thank you for all your work.

Thanks for having me.  I found the conference informative and enjoyable.

It was a pleasure to be able to participate.


As of February 5, 2008

  • Brooke Aker
  • Marguerite Ardito
  • Bryan Aucoin
  • Zeyno Aygen
  • Christopher Ball
  • Herb Basik
  • Denise Bedford
  • Claudine Beron
  • Chris Biow
  • Alan Blair
  • Mike Brenton
  • Selmer Bringsjord
  • Rex Brooks
  • John Brynes 
  • John Cabral
  • JoAnne Calhoun
  • Walt Campbell
  • Srinivas Chennamaraja
  • Gary Berg-Cross
  • Robert Damashek
  • Paul Davis
  • Mills Davis
  • Leyla Desmond
  • Jim Disbrow
  • John Dodd
  • Barry Everett
  • Jeffrey Farrand
  • Lee Feigenbaum
  • Lynne Feingold
  • Kim Gavin
  • Tom Gee
  • James Goodier
  • Katherine Goodier
  • Matt Green
  • Joi Grieg
  • Steve Hamby
  • John Hebeler
  • Patrick Heinig
  • Cory Henson
  • Gail Hodge
  • Cameron Hunt
  • Abhilash I
  • Joab Jackson
  • John Javes
  • Terry Janssen
  • Albert Jones
  • Manan Karia
  • Wyatt Kash
  • Jill Keihn
  • Sung-Hyuk Kim
  • Ben Kinard
  • Kevin Kirby
  • Mark Kneidinger
  • Cliff Kottman
  • Michael Lang
  • Michael Lang Jr.
  • Craig Lee
  • C. J. Lee
  • Larry Lefkowitz
  • Anita Liang
  • David Lippert
  • Peter Lyon
  • Jack Martin
  • John Mazurkiewicz
  • Girija Mehta
  • William Miller
  • Eric Monk
  • Sebastian Murry
  • Douglas Neal
  • Mark Neff
  • Barry Newton
  • Brand Niemann
  • Brand Niemann, Jr.
  • Steve Olding
  • Frank Olken
  • Enuma Onyeukwu
  • Ralph Pacheco
  • Brian Paget
  • Harry Pape
  • Hans Polzer
  • Lex Poot
  • Steve Ray
  • Tom Reamy
  • Joe Rockmore
  • Lucian Russell
  • Steve Russell
  • Marwan Sabbouh
  • Todd Schneider
  • Ravi Sharma 
  • Amit Sheth
  • Andrew Shilliday
  • Edgar Sibley
  • Nova Spivak
  • Brooke Stevenson
  • Bonnie Swart
  • Carver Tate
  • Bryan Thompson
  • Wendell Uddyback 
  • Adrian Walker
  • Dali Wang
  • Chris Wells
  • Michael Witbrock
  • John Yanosy
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