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First Semantic Technologies for E-Government Conference (September 8th, 2003)

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First Semantic Technologies for E-Government

September 8th, 2003
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
White House Conference Center, Truman Room 
Washington, DC

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TopQuadrant, jointly with the CIO Council's XML Web Services Working Group <> , is organizing a one day conference on the use of semantic technologies for eGovernment. 

Semantic Technologies are driving the next generation of the Web, "a machine-readable web of "smart data" and automated services that amplify the Web far beyond current capabilities". XML provides a simple, yet robust mechanism for encoding information and begins to shift the "power" from the application to the data, BUT:

  • Simple XML metadata is not enough because it only provides syntactic interoperability.
  • Additional XML-based Ontology languages are being developed to encode semantic interoperability
  • We will increasingly see the use of semantic technologies to describe problems and business processes in specialized domains
  • Today semantic technologies are being used to achieve greater interoperability, improved search, discovery and content provisioning in knowledge-centric systems and dynamic integration across distributed systems.

The conference will feature four keynotes presented by:

    • Michael Daconta
    Michael Daconta is a Chief Scientist at McDonald Bradley and a co-author of "The Semantic Web" book recently published by Wiley..
    • Jim Hendler
    Jim Hendler is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland at College Park and a Director of Semantic Web Agents Project. Professor Hendler is a developer of SHOE, the first Web Ontology Language. He is a co-chair of W3C Web Ontology Working Group and an author of many articles and papers on semantic technology.
    • Ralph Hodgson
    Ralph Hodgson is an Executive Partner at TopQuadrant specializing in helping companies with early adoption of emerging technologies. He is an author and a frequent speaker on industrial applications of semantic technologies
    • Eric Miller
    Eric Miller is the activity lead for the W3C World Wide Web Consortium's Semantic Web Initiative. He will be describing his work with Tim Berner-Lee.

The growing maturity of semantic technology is evidenced by the increasing number of commercial vendors. The program will include a Vendor poster session in the form of Galleries of Capability Cases that present Customer Success Stories and Solution Showcases that feature semantic technology products. Featured Vendors will include Semagix, Unicorn Solutions, Intellidimension, Ontoprise and Intelligent Views.

Following the Gallery Tour, two Panels will discuss the applicability of this emerging technology to problems faced by the government agencies today: 

  • The first panel will consist of representatives from agencies who currently need to address critical problems for which semantic technologies offer effective solutions.
  • The second panel will feature representatives from the leading vendors who provide technology or products for semantic solutions.                    

Vendors interested in exhibiting in the poster session Galleries, should contact Dean Allemang at <>

Location Details:

White House Conference Center is located near 16th and H - exit at McPherson Square Metro Station - 17th and I Street

Event Hours are 8:30 - 4:30 p.m. (Conference Center opens at 8 a.m, allow time for security checks)

Note: Security checks by Secret Service and Conference Center Security require photo ID

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