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SOA Software Training

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Note: Brand Niemann Sr. took this training at the invitation of Brand Niemann, Jr.

SOA Software's Repository Manager/Portfolio Manager 2 Day Web Conference Oct. 19 & 20, 2010. Agenda


I’ve included three attachments for use in the RM/PortM training sessions.  Each of these files is a zip file, with the extension changed to “allow”.  After downloading, please be sure to change the extensions back to .zip so that you can extract the files for use using WinZip.  

Presentation PDFs – containing copies of the slide presentations I’ll be using (see below)

Example Files – contains the files you can use for asset artifacts, etc. during our labs  

Config CustomerDemo New Features – contains library configuration files you can use when you are configuring your own library during class  


Here are the links to the systems we’ll be using for training:  

Portfolio Manager library named PlanningDemo  

Repository Manager library named CustomerDemo_New Features  

Policy Manager/Service Manager instance:  

User Information

Library URL for individual library:

Brand Sr.  

Trainee Five  



Link to Repository Client Download

Background Notes

Some background: When we started the Federal SOA CoP and Cory Casnave led the first pilot - the plan was that George Thomas (then Chief Architect at GSA) would host it so it could continue to be developed and used, and even attract other agencies to use / reuse it. George's focus at the time was to have SOA, and its repository, support GSA Acquisition. That seems to have died when he left for HHS, but it would be helpful to check to see if that need and interest still exists or if the current use is mainly for governance of services (SOA and Web-services) and their development. Rick Murphy, and others that are still there might be good sources of information on this.

I found the Noble Star\Logic Library slides from September 2004 called "Federated Repository Pilot for the Federal CIO Council" presented to the EPA Geospatial Information Office. Also in 2004 For DHS, Logic Library did a white paper with Unicorn and I found this as well.  Much of the interest was for federation.  The EPA demo in 2004 shows very similar menus, screens, and gui to the one that we trained on last week. 

Awesome! Our 2004 pilot featured use of the Repository at three levels: CIO, Software Development Manager, and Software Developer.

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