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June 9, 2009 Geospatial Service-Oriented Architecture: Best Practices Workshop


I am pleased to announce that the FGDC will be hosting a full-day event, entitled "Geospatial Service-Oriented Architecture: Best Practices Workshop" on June 9, 2009 at the American Institute of Architects building Board Room, 9:00am - 4:15pm. Link to AIA building directions: http://www.aia.org/about/directions/index.htm .

This workshop will provide an introduction to SOA and Cloud Computing with a special focus on geospatial applications and experiences and providing a context for how these emerging patterns and technologies can be used in a government setting. This workshop should be of special interest to Geospatial Line of Business members, federal agencies and 
their partners with a data exchange requirement, and those thinking ahead towards a trusted network of Web Services for direct access to federal geospatial data. See attached agenda for details of the workshop.

Please register with Vanessa R Hardnett <vhardnett@usgs.gov> to assure a seat and name tag for this event. To support remote participation by individuals outside the DC area, we will be setting up a WebEx session for the first 20 who register for WebEx. So, please register for in-person or WebEx participation directly with Vanessa.

Douglas D. Nebert 
Senior Advisor for Geospatial Technology, System-of-Systems Architect 
FGDC Secretariat     Phone: +1 703 648 4151     Fax: +1 703 648-5755


Description: The workshop is designed to provide attendees with specific experiences in the use of SOA techniques and emerging cloud computing in the context of integrating online government Web services for geospatial applications. Topics will include background on SOA in the federal context, plans for a Federal Service Oriented Infrastructure “cloud,” and presentations by FGDC 2008 Cooperative Agreement Program funded activities and federal agencies sharing best practices and lessons learned from designing and deploying Web services.

Location: American Institute of Architects (AIA) Board Room, 1735 New York Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20006-5292

Date: June 9, 2009 from 9:00am to 4:00pm

Who should attend: IT and geospatial practitioners interested in establishing enterprise geospatial Web services for multiple uses


Introductory Presentations

9:00 - Workshop Introduction, Doug Nebert, FGDC (10 min)

9:10 - An introduction to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the federal government context. (Dave Mayo, Everware-CBDI)

9:35 - Development of a ‘federal cloud’ computing infrastructure, Patrick Stingley, BLM CTO

10:00 - Break

General Presentations

10:30 - Use of Cloud Computing for scalable geospatial data processing and access, Andrew Turner, GeoCommons (FortiusOne) Partner: U.S. Federal Geographic Data Committee

11:15 - Cloud activities at Indiana University: Case studies in service hosting, storage, and computing, Marlon Pierce (CGL, IU), Neil Devadasan (Polis, IUPUI) Partner: USFWS National Wetland Inventory

12:00 – Lunch

13:00 – Role-based Access Control Framework for Geospatial Cloud Services, Jeff Harrison (CubeWerx USA), Joel Schlagel (USACE) Partner: USACE

13:45 – SOA-based Wetlands Jurisdictional Determination Tools, John Davidson (ImageMatters) Partners: EPA, USACE, USFWS

14:30 – Break

15:00 - Service Oriented Architecture of the Indiana Flood GRID. Neil Devadasan (Polis, IUPUI), Marlon Pierce (CGL, IU) Partners: US Geological Survey, National Weather Service, City of Indianapolis, Silver Jackets, Indianapolis Museum of ART, Indiana Department of Homeland Security, USACE, Indiana Department of Natural Resources

15:30 – Summary discussion, other agency experiences, and best practices round-table discussion

16:15 – Adjourn 

March 31, 2009 Embracing Change: New Technical Approaches to Federal IT

Arlington, VA, United States
Unsuccessful Federal IT Programs have been well documented in the trade press, and sometimes in the headlines of the Washington Post. Problems include the scale of major government programs, the complexity of both the technical environment (including systems of systems) and the development organization (many times being multiple federal contractors), and unique government requirements when lives or national security may be at stake. Ideas that have come to prominence in the IT community recently that may improve the outcomes.

Program and Policy staff will learn about the big ideas that should be considered to improve the effectiveness of any new IT program, while IT Professionals will hear of best practices from the leading SW Engineering experts.

The Changing Federal IT Landscape: Transparency, Innovation, Performance, Daniel J. Chenok
Senior Vice President, Pragmatics, ChenokD@pragmatics.comSlides.

Event Related Materials:
Big Idea #1
Recommendations for DoD Acquisition of Info. Services and SOA Systems, PDF, David McQueeney, IBM
Embracing Change: New Approaches to Federal IT, PDF, Grace Lewis, Software Engineering Institute
Big Idea #2
Architectural Governance, PDF, Grady Booch, IBM and John Klein, SEI
Big Idea #3
Achieving Agility at Scale and Painless Governance, PDF, Walker Royce, IBM Rational
Good Governance Requires a Responsible and Empowered IT Workforce, PDF, Mike Konrad, CMU
Big Idea #4
Software Product Lines, PDF, Linda Northrop,CMU
Technologies for Software Product Line Development, PDF, Peri Tarr, IBM Research
Big Idea #5
Smarter Modernization, PDF, Dennis Smith, SEI and Charles Chu, IBM
Harvest and Transform Your Legacy, PDF, Dennis Smith, Res. Tech. and System Solutions
A Peek at the Future
Ultra-Large-Scale Systems, PDF, Linda Northrop, CMU
Impossible Design, PDF, Richard Gabriel, IBM

March 25-26, 2009, SOA Consortium Meeting, Arlington, VA. Presentations

SOA Consortium Members & Friends,

The presentations from our DC Meeting are now available for download.  We had a terrific line-up of speakers who shared perspectives and real-world anecdotes on how SOA is not only inside our enterprise architectures, but also our businesses and emerging technology strategies.

Over the next several weeks, we'll be releasing podcasts of our invited speaker sessions.  First up is Dave Linthicum's talk on the Intersections of SOA and Cloud Computing.

Posted Presentations:

Thanks for your continued interest in the SOA Consortium.


Brenda M. Michelson 
Principal Consultant, Elemental Links 
Program Director, SOA Consortium 
+1 207-221-2630 (o) | +1-207-841-7685 (m) 
http://www.elementallinks.com  (site) 
http://blog.elementallinks.com  (blog)



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