5th SOA for E-Government Conference April 30-May 1 2008

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Fifth Service Oriented Architecture for E-Government Conference, April 30 - May 1, 2008, Hosted by the MITRE Corporation & the Federal SOA Community of Practice (SOA CoP). A free two-day government-focused conference about service-oriented architecture, electronic collaborative technologies, and the "new web".

See Announcement for broadcast emails, government invitations, and press releases. See Blog.

Theme: Our Space - Connecting Web 2.0, Enterprise Mashups, SOA, and the Semantic Web for Government 2.0 (Making It Easier to Do!).



  • Registration: Closed (over 250 registrants as of April 28th). 
  • Location: The MITRE Corporation, McLean, Virginia, MITRE-1 Building Auditorium, 7515 Colshire Drive McLean, VA 22102-7508.
  • Accomodations: A list of hotels COLAB in the Tyson's Corner area is available for download.
  • Presentations available on CD-ROM (Gabe Galvan or Ken Mullins) and for download from this Web 2.0 Wiki Page.

Planning Committee:

  • Greg Lomow, SOA CoP Co-Chair and BearingPoint
  • Brand Niemann, SOA CoP Co-Chair and US EPA
  • Steve Else, SOA CoP Secretary, and Private Consultant
  • Greg Linden, MITRE Host, and Gabe Galvan, MITRE Lead for SOA
  • Fran Dougherty and Rick Tucker, MITRE Host Emeritus
  • Burc Oral, Cell Exchange and SOA Consortium
  • Ken Mullins, Ken Laskey, and Marwan Sabbouh, MITRE
  • Gregg Rock and Tom Dwyer, Brain Storm Group and SOA Institute
  • Steve Olding, IAC SOA Committee and Everware - CBDI
  • Ajay Budhraja, Chief of Enterprise Services, US Department of Labor
  • Eric A. Marks, President & CEO, AgilePath Corporation


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Date/Time: Topic Presentor

Wednesday April 30 2008

(All Together All Day).

Theme: Business Driven Issues

7:30 – 8:30 AM Conference Check In (must be pre-registered).
8:30 – 8:50 AM Welcome and SOA CoP and Conference Overview.

Gabe Galvan, MITRE Lead for SOA, and Brand Niemann, SOA CoP Co-Chair. Slides.

8:50 - 9:40 AM Opening Keynote: Building Agile Architectures Enabling Enterprise Interoperability: Three Difficult Pieces! Dennis Wisnosky - Chief Technology Officer, DOD Office of Business Transformation. Slides.
9:40 - 10:30 AM SOA CoP Phase 5 Summary and Demo. Michael Lang, Vitria. Slides. Video & White Paper.
10:30 - 10:45 AM BREAK
10:45 - 12 NOON Panel: Approaching SOA in the Federal Government.

Gabe Galvan, MITRE, Moderator

Dennis Wisnosky, DoD/OBT
Eric Marks, AgilePath.
Dennis Sawyer, MITRE. Slides.
Michael Lang, Vitria

12 NOON - 2 PM

Networking Lunch (MITRE Cafeteria) and Posters/Exhibitors (Atrium).

Table Assignments and Exhibit Layout (DRAFT: See Below). Tutorial Signup Opens.

1 - 1:50 PM

Auditorium - Session A: Government's Adoption of SOA and SOA Examples.


Ajay Budhraja, Chief of Enterprise Services, US Department of Labor. Slides.


Conference Room - Session B: Lessons Learned Initiating a SOA.

Andrew Ide, MITRE. Slides.
2 - 3 PM Significant SOA Federal Leadership Challenges. Larry Pizette, MITRE. Slides.
3 - 4 PM Keynote: Business Process and SOA. Tom Dwyer, VP for Research, SOAInstitute.orgSlides.
4 - 4:15 PM BREAK
4:15 - 5:00 PM Leveraging Federal IT Investment – Using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): An Analysis of SOA’s Value Proposition for Federal Senior Leadership Teams. Geoff Raines, MITRE. Slides.
5:00 - 5:15 PM Closing Remarks. Greg Lomow and Brand Niemann, SOA CoP Co-Chairs.

Thursday May 1 2008

(Two Concurrent Activities with Common Break and Lunch Times).

Theme: SOA Business Enablers (Technology)

7:30 – 8:30 AM

Conference Check In (must be pre-registered).

                                                       Tutorials in Conference Room 1 H 301 (LIMITED TO 40).
8:30 AM - 12 NOON Business Process Management Tutorial. Dave Carter, Director and Vice President For Chapter Services, The Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP). Slides.
2:00 - 5:00 PM Intalio BPM/SOA: Integrated Platform version 5.2. Rick Geneva, Intalio, IncSlidesAbstract.
                                                       Auditorium Sessions
8:30 – 8:35 AM Welcome. Gabe Galvan, MITRE Lead for SOA, and Greg Lomow, SOA CoP Co-Chair.
8:35 - 9:00 AM A View of the Government SOA Marketplace. Shawn McCarthy, Director of Research, Government Infrastructure Optimization and Vendor Programs, Government Insights, An IDC Company. Slides.
9:00 - 9:45 AM Grid Enabled Services Infrastructure (GESI). Isaac Christoffersen, Booz Allen Hamilton. Slides.
9:45 - 10:30 AM Next Generation SOA Governance Panel.

Fran Dougherty, MITRE, Moderator.

Eric Marks, AgilePath. Slides.
Steve Thomas, ITKO. Slides.
Adam Vicent, Layer 7 Technologies. Slides.

10:30 - 10:45 AM BREAK
10:45 AM – 12 NOON Mashups, Web 2.0, and SOA Panel.

Greg Linden, MITRE, Moderator

David Boloker, IBM: Web 2.0 & Associated Technologies. Slides.
David Webber, IntegrityOne: Challenges of Information Collaboration - Roles, Methods, Responsibilities and Context. Slides.
Mikael Orn, IBM: Web 2.0 - Business Insights & Lessons Learned. Slides.
Ramesh Ramakrishnan, Citizant: Web 2.0: The Government’s Web 2.0 Platform. Slides.

12 NOON - 2 PM Networking Lunch (MITRE Cafeteria) and Posters/Exhibitors (Atrium) (DRAFT: See Below).
1 - 1:50 PM Auditorium - Session A: Using an ESB to Build a SOA. Bob Sadler, MITRE SOA Lab. Slides.
Conference Room - Session B: Ontology and SOA. Leo Obrst, MITRE. Slides.
Room H-301 - Session C: Governance Excerpt from Reference Architecture for SOA. Ken Laskey, MITRE. Slides
2:00 - 2:45 PM Auditorium - Session A: Standards for Service Architectures. Cory Casanave, Model Driven. Slides.
2:45 - 3:45 PM BPM Choreography in OASIS SOA Reference Architecture: SOA Registry-Repository for Emergency Management & Health Informatics Domains: Using OASIS Emergency Management Specifications, OASIS Content Assembly Mechanism and Intel MashMaker. Rex Brooks, Starbourne Communications Design and Integrated Response Services Consortium. Slides.
3:45 - 4:00 PM Closing Remarks. Greg Lomow and Brand Niemann, SOA CoP Co-Chairs.
4:00 - 5:00 PM Networking and Close Facility.

Posters/Exhibitors (Atrium)

(DRAFT: Table Numbers to be Assigned):

Note: Electrical Power and Internet Connections Provided. Also Trifold Poster Boards (4' by 6') and Mounting Supplies (Tape, Push Pins, etc.) Provided. Please Bring Handouts and Laptops Only.

April 30, 2008 May 1, 2008
Name Title Organization Name Title Organization
Henry Wong Multi-discipline Systems Engineer MITRE Raymond  Kyle Director BPM Institute
Mike Bienvenu Architect MITRE Chris Chatman Information Technology DISA
George Wilamowski Lead Engineer MITRE Marilou Moura IT Specialist IRS
Amy Smith VP dynaTrace Anthony Mlinar Systems Engineer Lockheed Martin
Michael Johnson Manager GSS America InfoTech Ltd. Vasudeva Kolli Engineer FAA
Femi Adeyemo Engineer/Architect Navy John Scibona Project Manager The Technology Development Group
Han Pieter Duyverman VP Business Development Mendix Reginald Berry Associate Client Partner Fair Isaac Corporation
Deb Yeagle Director of Business Development, DoD & DHS SMS Federal  David Burgess Account Executive Fair Isaac Corporation
Michael McVicker Captain USMC Stephen Pauley NCTC                                    
John Scibona Project Manager The Technology Development Group Sujit Mohanty Federal Sales Engineer MarkLogic, Inc.
Erik Pupo Practice Manager PPC John Choi Software Engineer BAE Systems
Thomas Tessitore R&D Program Manager FAA Gary Percoco Manger BAE Systems
Sujit Mohanty Federal Sales Engineer MarkLogic Steve Rainier System Engineer MITRE
Julie  Yu Software Engineer Staff Lockheed Martin Dave McPherson Chief Solution Architect Vitria
Rick Painter Manager, Joint & AF Programs Northrop Grumman Ching-Ling Tsai Computer Scientist URS
Gary Percoco Manager BAE Systems                                                                                                            
James Hill SE Lockheed Martin                                                                                                            
C. Daphne Tsai Computer Scientist IRS                                                                                                            
Ryan Bolchoz Associate Booz Allen Hamilton                                                                                                            
Reginald Berry Associate Client Partner Fair Isaac Corporation                                                                                                            
David Burgess Account Executive Fair Isaac Corporation                                                                                                            
Larry  Freitas System Engineer MITRE                                                                                                            
Amal Srivastava Lead Software Engineer MITRE                                                                                                            
Robert Sharp Information Systems Engineer Navy                                                                                                            
Bobby Girdher Lead Systems Engineer DISA                                                                                                            
Sharon Heaton Assistant Director - Strategy & Planning City of Raleigh, NC Information Technology                                                                                                            
Raymond  Kyle Director BMP Institute                                                                                                            
Christa Barnes Computer Engineer DOD/DISA-NCES NE_B9                                                                                                            
Michelle Davis Solutions Architect IONA Technologies, Inc.                                                                                                            
Bill Rice Director Vitria Technology                                                                                                            


Note: Basic text for announcements, press releases, broadcast emails and government invitations.


“Our Space”  A free 2 day Government-focused conference about service oriented architectures, electronic collaborative technologies and the “new web”

Hosted by The MITRE Corporation 
& the Federal SOA Community of Practice (SOA CoP)
This conference will happen soon - McLean, Virginia April 30 – May 1, 2008.

Please be informed that the 5th SOA E-Government Conference is now accepting free registration for a dynamic and challenging 2-day foray into the world of service oriented architectures and an exploration of new, collaborative technologies that are now available to enhance the Federal work environment and achieve mission objectives.

This conference will focus on the development of practical approaches to initiating and utilizing SOA across the Federal government.  Conference speakers also will examine evolution of Web 2.0 technologies, which facilitate collaboration and, with SOA, enable the infrastructure for flexibility.  US Government agencies require technologies that can reduce complexity in their business processes, streamline their technical profile, and improve efficiency – while addressing their important security issues.

SOA is a style of implementing enterprise architecture mandates that encourage loosely coupled services to unify desperate business processes and integrate information more effectively. The challenge government agencies face is how to develop and deploy SOA technologies quickly as part of an agency or department’s EA efforts and achieve documented cost savings as required.  The conference seeks to explain how to leverage service-oriented architecture as a paradigm that can align information technology (IT) with business strategies, thus promoting appropriate consolidation and driving cost savings across the Federal government.

Up to 350 conference attendees – including many senior government officials, leaders and decision-makers - will attend the conference and enjoy multiple speakers and panel discussions on process and technical aspects of SOA implementations.  Practical presentations to SOA adoption as well as a 2-day vendor exhibition for exposure to the newest strategies for implementing and managing service oriented architectures and collaborative web technologies will be the main content of the conference. 

Please register as an attendee or exhibitor at http://www.mitre.org/register/soa/

Space is limited so we encourage early registration.  Registration will close on April 25.  


Closing Remarks, Day 1 and Day 2, SOA CoP Co-chairs:

Brand Niemann: Some highlights in bullet form:

  • Day 1:
    • Dennis Wisnosky: The best SOA (even Semantic SOA) in the Federal Government (according to the OMB FEA, etc.)
    • Mike Lang (and the Mike Lang Family CoP with Brooke and Mike, Jr.): Plan B became Plan A! (See his slides for explanation). He is the "real deal".
    • Panel (Dennis Sawyer): We are not yet at the tipping point and will need more of these kinds of CoP meetings to get there.
    • Lunch (not for direct attribution): Excellent presentations and agenda!
    • AJ Budhraja: Outstanding government leadership of SOA at Department of Labor
    • Andrew Ide: Bringing SOA to the largest E-Travel System
    • Larry Pizette: All those new MITRE White Papers (e.g. 7 greatest SOA challenges for Federal leaders) would be great to discuss at the 6th Conference.
    • Tom Dwyer: E-Gov is a myth! - Oops that's the title of this conference :) Thanks for quoting EPA's SOA Implementation work :), but more importantly showing the value of a CoP by looking at the other's slides and integrating you work with theirs (e.g. the two tutorials). Dave Carter, Rick Geneva, Tom Dwyer, and myself are going to collaborate on bringing BPM for SOA to transform the E-Rulemaking E-Gov Initiative at the upcoming Brainstorm Conference (a 5-in-1 mashup) June 24-27th.
    • Geof Raines: David Linthicum (previous conference) and Jeffrey Poulin have equations for the ROI of SOA (also see upload to the conference files at the bottom of the agenda page).
  • Day 2:
    • Dave Carter: The Discipline required to make BPM and SOA Work (Tom Dwyer)! Agenda: Introduction, ABPMP, CBOK, Curricular, Certification, Change Process, and Q/A. A person of great integrity in his career. Lots of knowledge and experience reflected in this tutorial.
    • Shawn Mccarthy: See Quotes for the Gov SOA Front Lines (EA provides a context to implement SOA or PBM, Empowering users with Web 2.0 technologies forces you to ask the right questions, and Develop SOA on your own dime, but I will pay you to use it). Top Seven Preddictions: As SOA evolves IT governance will emerge out of necessity. Conclusion: Government computing cloud will continue to grow.
    • Issac Christofferson: Service Oriented Infrastructure - Moving from a dedicated infrastructure to a dynamic infrastructure. See recent papers posted to SOA Demo Phase 5.
    • Next Generation SOA Governance Panel: Adam Vincent replaces Jim Rice (see slides just posted). Follow Gartner recommendation with validation and testing of standards-compliance when assembled but before deployed. Virtualization of Web Services is like simulation (a higher order function).
    • Mashups, Web 2.0 and SOA Panel: Re-mixability=Mashups. Driver is economics (see the Long Tail book). IBM has a new Mashup Portfolio in a Mashup Center. Use content for this for Harvard Seminar Project: CIO's Learning Web 2.0 Wikis. Web 2.0 challenges within the government for Gov 2.0 (a few constraints like security, permissions, etc.). Brand mentioned a very helpful resource for communicating this toCIO's, buisness people, etc. from Frank Stein, IBM:
      • The New Language of Business: SOA and Web 2.0, Sandy Carter, Vice President, SOA and WebSphere Strategy, Channels and Marketing, IBM: How to leverage SOA, Web 2.0, and related technologies to drive new levels of operational excellence and business innovation. Web 2.0 facilitates the collaboration aspects, and SOA enables the infrastructure for flexibility.
    • Bob Sadler: Waiting for additional funding to do more testing and integration of ESBs. The SOA CoP hopes that could include the Open Source ESB from IONA coming out of our 4th Conference. The SOA CoP needs the MITRE SOA Lab to host infrastructure for pilots and testing by the federal community of agencies, vendors, and consultants.
    • Leo Obrst: Led global community of ontologists earlier this week in their annual Ontology Summit for which the global community was most grateful where he mentioned the importance of CoIs and CoPs in getting agreement. Dennis Wisnosky's keynote mentioned Leo's helping DoD get started with semantic vocabularies. In essence Leo said we need to take Data to Information to Knowledge for semantic interoperability (see his Ontolgy Spectrum for Applications). And yes, Leo was still explaining ontologies to someone 30 minutes after the session formally ended! :)
    • Ken Laskey: Missed this one trying to cover the other three tracks at the same time, but Larry Pizette told me that he really appreciated the Blog and summary comments at the end of Day 1 and to keep it up! I will ask Larry to give me a synopsis for this presentation.
    • Cory Casanave: Change in Topic because Repository work not ready yet. Modeling standards for SOA are weak and that is what the OMG Architecture Group is addressing. Recall Dennis Wisnosky's keynote that mentioned this critical need as well.
    • Rex Brooks: If we gave a Special Recognition for the most beautiful slides (with excellent content of course), Rex would be the one to receive that (what else from someone who was trained in graphic design and is president of a design company) who volunteers his "spare time" to work on multiple OASIS Standards Groups and to lead the Integrated Response Services Consortium (IRSC). Each iteration of this pilot has taken it to a new level thanks to Rex's perserverance and the support of his team.
    • Rick Geneva: BPM for SOA by a Business Process Expert step-by-step. Create a web service, implemented with BPEL, with zero coding. Call a web service with zero coding. Route a web service call to a person, with zero coding. Their business is taking off and this is why and Rick is authoring a new book!
    • Steve Olding: Please change the IAC SOA Committee to IAC Mashup Committee.
    • Brand Niemann: Great thanks to all (especially the conference management team of Gabe, Greg, and Fran) who contributed to the success of this 5th conference (in the 50th year of MITRE!) and please send us your feedback (like immediately after the 4th conference that launced us into this conference) to be posted (unless you request otherwise), mark your calendars for October 1-2nd, and look for an email from us. Please have a safe trip home and enjoy networking if you would like until 5 p.m.
    • Greg Lomow: Another great day of presentations and panels (recall that he thought day 1 was the best in the history of the SOA CoPs conferences!) . What particularly impresses me is how the community's view of SOA has evolved and matured since the first conference, and how the community has embraced an extended perspective of SOA including BPM, Web 2.0, Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture, Modeling Standards, Next Generation SOA, etc. I feel this bodes well for the ongoing adoption of SOA, its application to solving real world business and mission challenges, and for participation in future conferences. Thank you to everyone that made this conference such a resounding success.
    • A Special Thanks:
      • Ming Wang
      • Regina Oliver
      • Iris Gracia - Radcliffe
      • Michael Webb
      • Ron Walker
      • Keith Harmon
      • Ana Maria Galdo
      • Carla McKinney
    • Postscript: Greg had to leave early to catch his plane, so Brand stayed as long as people wanted to talk about how much they enjoyed the conference, how nice they thought the Certificates of Appreciation were, what to do for the next one, how to get even more people to attend, how to setup their own Web 2.0 Wiki, could IBM provide the book I mentioned (see above): The New Language of Business: SOA and Web 2.0, etc.
    • Comments:
      • Thanks for hosting a great conference. As always, I enjoyed myself and got some good networking accomplished.
      • Just wanted to say it was nice meeting you and thanks for the Certificate of Appreciation!
      • I found the conference to be useful and understandable, despite my "light" knowledge of SOA. Thank you again for the courtesy of connecting the community.
      • Also very interesting. Love the way the look and feel has evolved over the last year. Also checked out all the links, such as to the DODAF and EPA areas.
      • It was a great conference and I wanted to reach out and convey my appreciation to you for your calm and consistent management during the two days earlier this month.  I'm glad I was a part of the team who put this on and it was, as always, a pleasure working with you on this.
      • This is the best SOA Conference in the country. I told my colleague to attend it next time.
      • I participated in an earlier conference and have done a lot now with ontologies for SOA and would like to present that at the next conference (We will certainly invite you back to do that!)
    • See Demo Phase 6
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