10th SOA for E-Government Conference September 16 2010

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Announcement of 10th SOA for E-Government Conference, September 16th, 2010

Theme: SOA & Application Modernization

Along with the Federal SOA Community of Practice, the MITRE Corporation is hosting a free conference for Federal managers and executives interested in adopting service-based, enterprise-wide practices.  The one day event features keynotes and distinguished speakers and topics that will prepare you to succeed in developing a service-based approach to application modernization from both a management and technical perspective. See SOA at MITRE.

Conference Specifics: Thursday, September 16, 2010    The location is in MITRE 1 Auditorium, 7515 Colshire Road, McLean, VA  22102.  The conference will take place as in previous years, on the MITRE campus located just inside the Beltway adjacent to Dolly Madison/Chain Bridge Road.  Free registration is through the conference’s online website at: https://register.mitre.org/soa/

MITRE Shuttle Bus: Service available from the West Falls Church Metro Station starting at 6:40 a.m., continuing every 20 minutes, and last bus from MITRE at 5:40 p.m. Drop off at MITRE 1 and 2 (come to the back of MITRE 1 for entrance)   

Accomodations: A list of hotels in the Tyson's Corner area is available for download.   

Questions or Comments: Please send an email to: rtyksinski@mitre.org Rose Tyksinski or dmayo@everware-cbdi.com Dave Mayo.

Teleconference: 703-983-6338 ID #106032 

Agenda for the 10th SOA e-Government Conference, September 16, 2010

7:30 - 8:30 AM Conference Check In / Exhibitor Showcase Set up

8:30 – 8:45 AM Welcome & Introduction – Gabe Galvan, MITRE Enterprise Modernization and Transformation Practices (CCG) and Brand Niemann, Federal SOA CoP and Federal Employee; Senior MITRE leader to introduce FAA keynote

8:45 – 9:45 AM Government Keynote:  Dan Pelman, Senior Information Technology Manager; FAA/ Air Traffic Organization (ATO). Slides. How to prove the value of service-oriented architecture, GCN, September 20, 2010

9:45 – 10:30 AM Service-Based Approach to Application Modernization - Dave Mayo, President, Everware-CBDI, and Federal SOA CoP. Slides. See Service-based approach could spur application modernization, GCN, September 15, 2010

10:30 – 10:45 AM Break

10:45 – 11:30 AM US-VISIT Business Services – Strategy & Implementation– Anne Drissel; Chief Business Architect, Business Policy & Planning, US-VISIT. Slides.

11:30 – 12:15 AM Overview of Exhibitors and Technical Service Providers (SOA Tools, Frameworks & Education):

11:30 – 11:35 AM Software AG – Jignesh Shah, 11:35 – 11:40 AM IBM– Mike Froelke, 11:40 – 11:45 AM Layer 7 – Patrick Dawson, 11:45 – 11:50 AM Intel – Edward Shortnacy, 11:55 – 12:00 PM iTKO– Aubrey Mansfield, 12:00 – 12:05 PM Hatha Systems – Marty Fletcher, 12:05 – 12:10 PM Composite Software– Pamela Sotnick, 12:10 – 12:15 PM Everware-CBDI-Dan Ellis, and 12:15-12:20 PM - ZapThink– Ron Schmelzer

12:15 – 12:45 PM Lunch, Networking and Exhibitor Showcase

12:45 - 1:30 PM 25 Days to Field Functionality - Case study of GCSS-AF – Harvey Reed, MITRE; Michael Clark, CIV. Slides.

1:30 - 2:15 PM SOA Pilot – Mel Greer; Senior Research Engineer & Chief Strategist, SOA / Cloud Computing; Lockheed Martin See GCN, August 9, 2010. Slides.

2:15 – 3:00 PMUtilizing SOA best practices at the VA to enable the migration to paperless claims processing in a legacy environment – Matt Friedman; MITRE, and Brandt Welker, VBA. Slides.

3:00 – 3:15 PM Break

3:15 – 4:15 PM Afternoon Keynote: Primitives and Style: A Common Vocabulary for SOA – Reducing Risk and Costs While Improving Collaboration and Agility - Dennis Wisnosky, DCMO. Slides.

4:15 – 4:30 PM Wiki Blog - Brand Niemann, Sr., Federal SOA CoP and Federal Employee

Blog by Brand Niemann

Welcome from Gabe Galvan

The 10th Semi-annual SOA Conference! My name is Gabe Galvan and it is a pleasure to once again be a part of this conference.  As a member of MITRE’s Enterprise Architecture team I will be your moderator for today’s event and it gives great pleasure as this will be the sixth SOA Conference in which I have been able to participate.

It is truly incredible that through the work of many very good people and volunteers we have been able to host and keep this theme front and center for you and many others in our Federal Government community.  Today I would like to start my comments by stating a simple thank you to the SOA Steering Committee, our Federal Government partners and a rich list of industry leaders and vendors that today, and over the years, have invested their time and talents into making this event a special time for us all.

Today we have a richly filled agenda with a great representation supporting our Conference’s theme “SOA and Application Modernization.”  Throughout today you see and hear various examples and testimonies about how SOA is impacting the modernization of many applications supporting the Federal Government. 

SOA is not dead or hiding in the “Clouds” as more government and commercial customers are realizing the value of SOA.  The Gartner Hype Cycle recently placed SOA on the “Slope of Enlightment,” or the last stage prior to reaching the “Plateau of Productivity.”   This translates to organizations now understanding the value of SOA as an architectural approach and able to apply it for their benefit.  Forrester reports that 74% of the Global 2000 are now using SOA and 38% of those using it state that SOA is helping their organizations through strategic business transformations.  As the need continues for government to adapt to new challenges, become more cost efficient and increase its agility and transform itself there is certainly a role for SOA.

SOA Hype Cycle 2009.gif

SOA cartoon.bmp



Today’s line up of speakers and presenters will bring many examples close to us for sparking the next steps and possibilities for many of you.

Before I introduce my partner today and invite him to join me on the podium-- I am reminded that I need to cover some basic logistics to make your day more comfortable……


Breaks…visit vendor booths in atriums…..;

Lunch……cafeteria access;

Escorted visitors……to and from cafeteria—in particular foreign nationals…speaking of “foreign nationals”…….

I would like to make a special mention to our conference guests and recognize one participant here who has traveled perhaps the most miles to share and obtain information surrounding SOA.  We are pleased to have with us today Mr. Andreas Friesen, Research Program Manager for SAP.  Andreas has traveled from Germany and we are fortunate to have him attend our conference as he swings through Washington.  Andreas, please stand up so that our participants can see you and later introduce themselves accordingly.    As an added bonus to the conference, we are anticipating that Andreas who is leading some very important research surrounding “Service Delivery Frameworks,” along with his team of fellow researchers are invited to participate as a key note speaker in our next SOA conference.  

If you are a MITRE employee, you will be able to have a sneak preview of his work—tomorrow, September 17th starting at 10:15 in room 0N136 Andreas will be presenting.  That session is planned to go until 11:30AM.    There will be a MITRE dial in number available for those not based in McLean.   You can contact Irina Vayndiner for more information.    Thank you Andreas and welcome!  Please feel free at a break to introduce yourselves to Andreas. 

SAP Research SOA Technical Presentation 

When:    Friday, September 17, 2010, 10:15-11:30am.-   -  Presenter will stay until 12pm to answer additional questions.

Where:   McLean 0N136 ; VTCs upon request

And last but not least….Conference volunteers……available to help throughout the day:

Rose Tyksinski; Andrew Ide, Ana Maria Galdo, Chris Constantino, Greg Waldrip, Mike Webb, Ron Perrella, Tom Kelly, Eric Ripper, MITRE Security and MITRE Communications.

Now, with great pleasure I would like to invite someone many of you may already know, Mr. Brand Neimann, who will highlight or agenda for today.  Brand has been part of the long history of this conference and his efforts alone exemplify a great passion and level of service to the Community of Practice.  Brand would you please join me to say a few words and introduce our day’s agenda…….

Welcome from Brand Niemann

Introduction of wiki and blog for the conference and expression of appreciation for all who have contributed to this conference and the growth of the community of practice during the past six months.

Dan Pelman - FAA 


Introduction of our first guest and key note speaker…..Mr. Dan Pelman, Senior Information Technology Manager for the FAA Air Traffic Organization (ATO). 

What is SOA?

Who should be concerned and is it valuable? 

Where to start and how do I get there?

Are there any government success stories?

How should SOA be used to leverage value in the future?

Prediction: XML will transmit 5% of all information on the internet in the next 10 years

Key: CIOs need to define SOA as the vision!

Should call them Data Web Services - good place to start to show going in the right direction.

Start small with Web Services today and work on the infrastructure over the long term,

Great real world example from FAAs needs for data layers to keep plots from hitting things and staying in the "fly box"

AXOM is the XML Schema (standard) for FAA data

Layers are data, rules, and GUI

Using N-tiered systems allows use flexibility in addressing multiple business needs and perspectives

Key Point: Take up the mantel so when asked you can reuse what you have already done and save them time and money - don't try to sell SOA infrastructure costs to your business managers

Landing used to be governed by laser beam to runway - now it is by GPS which has to be exact - requires highest quality data! Data Integrity

MITRE has written some of the Data Web Services that the FAA is using!

Like to have  a Catalog so FAA staff can find a service for say writing Environmental Impact Statements (interacts with EPA on a lot of these!) Pay fee to maintain and develop it further - shared services business - it about the business not about the technology as much - this is the world he says

Last slide: Be a hero here - evangelize the bigger picture - part of his upbringing - be a little different than others - be in the interest of the taxpayers, etc. - look for where you can apply what you will hear today!

Questions and Answers:

Q: Great presentation that stressed a lite weight way - how contrast this with conventional approach with a CONOPS and long development time.

A: My CIO (Steve Cooper) stresses the need for immediate business value with incremental deliverables with value.

Q: How deal with the challenge of business rules (TERPS) agreement?

A:  Close interaction and iteration with the business people.

Q: What to do with real legacy application (pre-SOA) - what amount of tweeking is involved?

A: It depends - spend enough time to find some value to deliver (good luck in solving world hunger - find at least some small value to deliver),

Q: FAA has a SWIM Segment Architecture - so how does this relate?

A: Familiar with SWIM - big program - need ESB - mostly about data - wanting to work with them. If in the future we work with SWIM, it doesn't depend on where the data came from!

Q: From SWIM Program Office - how many definitions and rules?

A: AIXM - new standard markup language which along with business rules is the way to get started.

Dave Mayo - Service - Oriented Approach to Application Modernization

Slides. See Service-based approach could spur application modernization, GCN, September 15, 2010

Revision of Practical Guide to Federal SOA in discussion.

Agenices have gotten beyond it IT view of SOA, but IT shops have not; largely due to their "boat anchor" of legacy systems.

Time has past for developing these large, expensive systems - now smaller, more agile, etc.

Everware-CDBI publishes a Journal (since 1997 - 130 editions) and Methodology on-line. Participates in IAC/ACT and OMG.

How did we get here?

Service orientation

Model-driven development

Application modernization

What is Service-oriented application development?

Service Architecture Views


Still have 60-70% failure rate amounting to billions of dollars! Root cause is complexity.

Have lots of code and don't know what we got in most cases.

Extract from application code various patterns that can make the problem easier

SOA: Principles, Patterns, and Policies (Everware-CBDI, and others use this)

Process Model Approach

Model Driven Development - Separation of Concerns and Abstraction

Application Modernization - improve consistency, effectiveness, etc. to move from As-Is to To-Be

Forrester Survey 2009: Top issue because of cost,  

Cartoon: When we have the time - we will do this!

Anne Drissel - US VISIT


Business Architect - biometric identity analysis and verification

Now - Fingerprints, iris, etc. and In the future - Scans, tatoos, marks, etc.

What is the "isness" of this - understand terms (semantics), know when we have done it, etc.

Defined Business Services - common and unique ones - up to 40 Components now

Entry - Biometrics

Exit - Biographics

Business Services Traced to Technical Services

Cannot just deliver the concepts but have to deliver the goods.

New CTO Bob ? that started SOA for US VISIT is here today and Rosemary Davis US VISIT Program Manager.

Questions and Answers

Question: Cataologing all of this?

Answer: Looking at software options for managing all of this. There are complex relationships to describing all of this.

Question: What should SOA be doing to help with this?

Answer: First figure out where all of the pieces are - the real world - then see how to better organize it and apply SOA. Looking for suggestions on what to do with all of this. Rose deserves lots of credit for helping us with this and other MITRE staff.

Rose Tyksinski - Overview of the Exhibitors - SOA Tools, Frameworks, and Education

Overview All slides posted to the Wiki along with a high-level summary document. 11:30 – 11:35 AM Software AG – Jignesh Shah, 11:35 – 11:40 AM IBM– Mike Froelke, 11:40 – 11:45 AM Layer 7 – Patrick Dawson, 11:45 – 11:50 AM Intel – Edward Shortnacy, 11:55 – 12:00 PM iTKO– Aubrey Mansfield, 12:00 – 12:05 PM Hatha Systems – Marty Fletcher, 12:05 – 12:10 PM Composite Software– Pamela Sotnick, 12:10 – 12:15 PM Everware-CBDI-Dan Ellis, and 12:15-12:20 PM - ZapThink– Ron Schmelzer

Software AG - What services should I build? Set of tools. Focus on governance,

IBM - SOA Reference Architecture, CIO Architect Team, Data Power - SOA Applications - simplify - accelerate XML Web Services for SOA

Layer 7 - Secure Span, BPM to decorate messages, and Cloud Solution

Intel - Service Gateway to deal with "Big Bang" SOA problems, runs largest in the world for UK Health Service. Acquiring McAffe as a Key Cloud Component. Want to trust everything we use. 

iTKO - LISA - testing of entire SOA application - unique solution that no one else has - 

Hatha Systems - automate things done manually before - Knowledge Refinery - extract resources from code and analyze and query it. Ensuring architectural purity to support remediation of things.

Composite Software - like forensics tool

Everware - CBDI - recall David Mayo's earlier presentation - methodology and solution delivery - independent guidance - partner with others in the Federal space - MDA design, CPIC, SOA, Application Modernization, Knowledgebase and Training on the Web.

ZapThink -  Certified over 2500 in Training Program, wrote books, previous conference keynote, poster, free newsletter (27,000 subscribe). Keep this wonderful conference going!

Lunch Break 

Harvey Reid (Co-author Michael Clark - remote) - Case Study of GCSS-AF


Average 25 days to field functionality

How did you figure out the requirements to do this?

Don't start with a long list of requirements - fix the complaints as they come in.

Provisioning of reusable services,

Demonstrated reduced costs even with increased usage

Question: More detail on ROI?

Answer: There is an AF ROI Model that you can see - mostly consolidation of security, etc.

Question: Tradeoffs to get these results

Answer: Missed

Mel Greer - SOA Cloud Pilot

Slides. See GCN, August 9, 2010

Pilot play a critical role in getting from concept to implementation - don't always get them right but still learn something

SOA CoP has a long and successful history of piloting: Show Us A SOA, SOA Jump Start Kit, SOA KnowledgeMap, and SOA Metrics

Lots of excitement about pilots in the government - influence adoption and change behaviors

Thundercloud - 7 applications (getting patent on this)

University of Puerto Rico where just founded a Cloud Computing Institute that involves a significant part of the college

Five Key Characteristics: Speed (development and use),  Two-way Activity (not working in isolation from users-makes pilot relevant), Incorporate New Ideas (Inclusiveness - can't predict where the best ideas will come from), Still in Beta (like Google - perpetual development cycle - incremental process), and Schedule (how long - 6-8 weeks schedule - prototype in 2 weeks - partners to help leverage staff, infrastructure, etc. - demonstrate innovation.

See interim deliverables in Wiki - pilot is targeted on innovation - make it marketable - monetize secure services - reorient market domain, become fanatical about measurement.

Brandt Welker and Matt Friedman - Utilizing SOA at the VA


Second largest agency in the government

Benefits Line of Business - largest LoB

VBMS - pays about $46 B / year - backlog is growing as a result of two wars - goal by 2015 have a higher-quality level of service

How are we going to accomplish all of this - The answer is S(Superman) OA

Start years ago with large system integrator - developed many problems - program shut down

Re-started August of 2009 - modular, agile, SOA, etc. approach

Did a modular business architecture for the claim process flow

Pilots have been very beneficial and other part s of the VHA are re-using the architectural artifacts - exciting to hear how this will benefits our veterans

Questions and Answers: Missed


Dennis Wisnosky - Primatives and Style: A Common Vocabulary for SOA


In the DCMO's office - everything we do is in statue (not the words SOA, Semantic Web, etc. but implicit)- getting stronger

Want to both architect and build it. Started with presentation at this conference several years ago.

57% of DoD IT costs are in infrastructure - twice as high as it should be - the larger the project the more likely it is to not be successful

Need game changing innovations - common vocabulary and primatives - use OMG BPM and W3C OWL/RDF standards

Doing real time end-to-end because of standards

Semantic Web Initiative: Modeling the business capability, preparing and populating, and ?

Standards-base architecture primitives:  one-way so everyone can understand it and build patterns

Got a call - can I use your patterns? - what keeps me working in this town! Creating things that are reused

Read Semantic Web for Dummies and Pull

Goal: DoD BEA Ontology and Vocabulary (identify information to commicate, agree on terms and contextual use, and communicate)

15 BPMs that are being decomposed to built an ontology and populate a triple-store so can excute these BPMs (recall pilot)

PODs - Proof of Deliverable

Hearing these words in the halls of DoD! RDF/OWL, SPARQL, etc.

Use Case: Find Military Service Members around the world that can help with a natural disaster - did it!

SemTech 2010: Interoperability through Model-Data-Implement

Authority to get to data sources through Governance Policy (to DoD seniors it is all about governance)

Semantic Landscape: others are doing pieces of it - keep it small and incremental

Questions and Answers:

Question: Were we do put this stuff?

Answer:  Page 54 of SW for Dummies. Crawl, walk run.

Wrapup by Brand Niemann - see this Blog

Please give us your evaluation forms! 

Thanks to all:

My co-chair David

Our Conference Chair Rose 

The presentors

The MITRE Conference Staff; Andrew Ide, Ana Maria Galdo (special recognition for handling so many tasks so gracefully), Greg Waldrip (Auditorium), Mike Webb, Tom Kelly, Eric Ripper, Chris Constantino (special recognition for building the registration web site and maintaining it so willingly)

The participants - audience and vendors

Check this wiki for the date of the 11th Conference, Have a safe trip home and a great next six months with SOA and your lives.

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