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Realistic Annual Targets

Strategic Analysis

Ammount and Source of Funding

Actual Activities

Dashboards are one of three main management resources (the other two resources being realistic annual targets and the Activity Integration Plan System) the Chesapeake Bay Program has developed in response to the GAO recommendation to “establish a means to better target [the program's] limited resources to ensure that the most effective and realistic work plans are developed and implemented.” CBP dashboards are high-level summaries of key information, including clear status of progress, realistic annual targets toward certain Chesapeake 2000 goals, summaries of actions and funding, and critical analyses of the current strategy, challenges, and future emphasis.

The dashboards allow CBP partners to review a succinct summary of:

  • Measures of progress towards both the performance on Bay restoration indicators and on the program’s realistic annual targets.
  • The total resources CBP participating partners have dedicated to the topic area over several years.
  • The resources dedicated to specific activities within topic areas.
  • Analyses of the strategies that need to be done to improve implementation.

The CBP partners propose to update the dashboards on a regular basis, according to the need for updates and the availability of new data. The CBP partners also expect to enhance the dashboards as implementation of the CAP moves forward.

To date, a select number of dashboards have been developed for certain topic areas, including:

  • Implementation of Pollution Reduction Practices
  • Implementation of Agricultural Pollution Reduction Practices
  • Wastewater Pollution Prevention
  • Fish Passage Restoration
  • Wetlands Restoration Efforts
  • Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Planting
  • Blue Crab Fishery Management
  • Oyster Reef Restoration
  • Forest Land Protection
  • Riparian Forest Buffers Planted
  • Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience
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