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World Energy Survey Analysis

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I am applying Data Science to the Spotfire Demo Gallery. Metadata and Data: MindTouch and ExcelCreated by: Brand Niemann, November 21, 2011. This analysis is based upon historical data for energy consumption and production in over 65 countries worldwide from 1965 through 2008. Mouse over Country on Map and dots in Scatter Plots and select Country in Filter to Right to drill down into the data.

Use the interoperable interface to explore the data and explore the following questions:
  • How has world energy consumption grown and changed over the last 40 years?
  • How does energy consumption compare across countries?
  • How does the consumption of energy compare by energy source, such as oil, coal and nuclear power?
  • How do a country's rates of oil consumption and production compare over time?

The US has a very high energy consumption per capita (  ) which peaked in 2005. The 10 lowest energy consumption countries are highlighted on the map.

The data set should be updated at the end of 2011. Source data for this analysis: BP Statistical Review of World Energy available at

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