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DoD Presidential Budget Request

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The primary goal of the workflow to create this visualization is to provide a view of the budget that can be easily manipulated and drilled into by any user.

The workflow was as follows:

Extract the four data sets from the Spotfire File as CSV and combine them into one Excel file and create the data dictionaries for each.

Import the four data sets and their dictionaries into Spotfire and add basic labeling and naming to the visualization panels and Data Table Properties. Also add basic Navigation and Metadata to each Page.

Select the largest data set (Data Set 3) for a drill down analysis and display on the Cover Page. Explore the best display techiques and parameters for each (Cross Table and Scatter Plot) using prior Data Science experience and trial-and-error.

Add a simple introduction and explanation to the Cover Page:

I am applying Data Science to the Spotfire Demo Gallery. See Social Knowledgebase (MindTouch) and Spreadsheet (Excel) for Data Story and Data, Created by: Brand Niemann, November 21, 2011Instructions: Mouse over the Cross Table and Scatter Plot and click on a number or point and see the details in Details-on-Demand. Select a facet in the Filters to the right and see a subset of the data set displayed in the Cross Table and Scatter Plot. Set 1, 2, 3, and 4

Publish the Spotfire file to the Library, test its view in the Web Player, and add the links below. Do a screen capture of the Spotfire Client display and add it below.

Try various Instructions to find results of interest to the user for various DoD Organizations, Budget Activities, and Cost Types.

Spotfire Dashboard

For Internet Explorer Users and Those Wanting Full Screen Display Use: Web Player Get Spotfire for iPad App



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