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Workshop(s) to Improve Scientific Data Management for Government Agencies

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Organizing Committee Meeting (Teleconference)
November 30, 1:30-3:00
Agenda Topics

• Welcome and Introductions
o Brief statement of current organizational activities from each sponsor

• Goals of Workshop (Discussion of goals outlined in EPA proposal)

• Timeframe and Schedule
o What quarter
o How many days

• Location

• Agenda Framework

o Major workshop and follow-ons?
o Principles and areas of emphasis (See EPA paper)
o Plenaries/breakouts
o Topics of interest for possible focus and discussion

• Background Papers and Preparations

Scientific Data Management Planning Team for Joint Workshop(s)

Volunteer Participants
Brand Niemann  IWGDD (EPA)
Deborah Ozga   CENDI (LoC)
Donald Hagen   CENDI/IWGDD  (NTIS)
Joyce Ray   IWGDD (IMLS)
Katherine Spiess  IWGDD (Smithsonian)
Lynne Petterson  EPA
Robert Shepanek, Chair EPA/CENDI (EPA)l
Sharon Jordan   CENDI (DOE/OSTI)
Sylvia Spengler  IWGDD (NSF)

   Bonnie Carroll
   Kathryn Holloway  

Kick-off Teleconference:  November 30, 2009     1:30 pm

Dial in Number:  865-481-0388
Anytime during the greeting but BEFORE it ends, dial 5608.
You will be placed into conference.

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