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Subgroup on Data Management Plans 

Outline DMP Sub-group Schedule:

Assignments on outline content        3/31
Draft sections of the plan             4/15
Review and revision of plan sections       4/30
Integration of plan                 5/8
Review by Subgroup and revisions      5/15
Distribution of Plan to IWGDD          5/15
Preliminary report (can be .ppt)           5/21

Next Telecon: 3 p.m. Wednesday 5/13

888-790-3408, 11894


Subgroup on Agency Science Data Policies

Preliminary ReportVersion 0.1

1. Preamble 


2. Report Scope, Intent, Topics and Charge 


3. Guiding Principles and Concepts 


3.1 Guiding Principles 

3.1.1 The overarching guiding principle for agency science data policies is that science daa resulting from public funding should be publically-available, with full and open access.These data can be used for the public good, for public protection, and for public edification.
3.1.2 Stakeholders 
3.1.3 Consistency with US Laws 

3.2 Concepts 

3.2.1 Acessability 
3.2.1.a Timeliness, Periods of Exclusive Use, Intellectual Property Rights in Data 
3.2.1.b Cost 
3.2.1.c Non-discrimination and categories of users 
3.2.2 Usability 
3.2.2.a. Quality, Appropriate Use 
3.2.2 b. Metadata, Documentation, Ancillary Data  
3.2.3 Persistence 

4. State of the Art 

Will summarize survey of existing state

5. Key Components 


6. Examples and Best Practices 

Being collected in Wiki Parking Lot

7. Appendix A.Terminology and definitions of terms 

Being developed by David Wojick and Brand Niemann
From: David E. Wojick
Date: Sunday, February 08, 2009 02:08PM
Hi Brand, Attached is the first rough cut at the root of the data policy issue tree template. It is very sketchy as there are just 40 nodes or "points." I suspect we will need at least 400, maybe more. The biggest template I have done was 3600 points, for designing chemical plants.
Every general consideration that the agencies should address has a place somewhere on the issue tree, so at this point the idea is mostly to collect considerations (or concepts as I call them) and flesh them out. The idea is to catalog the considerations without committing to any given outcome.
The structure is by no means fixed. It will be driven by the considerations.
Let me know if you want to help with this.
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