CENDI Scientific Data Management Workshop(s)

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Fifth Teleconference, March 23, 2010

Dial-in Number:  865-481-0388. Anytime during the greeting but BEFORE it ends, dial 5601. You will be placed into conference.

Team, I wanted to touch base, provide some material, and give a reminder of our teleconference call tomorrow (3/23 @ 3:00 - 4:00pm). Kathryn or I will send out the dial in information later today.


The workshop description has been modified to serve more as a marketing item.

2.5 day workshop agenda 

3.0 day workshop agenda

Invitee List

Teleconference agenda

Here is the running agenda for the SDM teleconference call on March 23, 2010 @ 3:00pm:

Final Agenda (did we want to leave full 3 days or cut back to 2.5 days plus report writers stay on to the afternoon for small group discussion?)(attached)

Final 2 pager (attached)

Getting the First Session Speakers (BCC sent Chris Greer a note asking if he would speak and who could do the kickoff)

Update on Technical Plenary Speakers (Each person report status)

Status of list of invitees (deadline is March 30) (attached, please add your names to list)

Break Out Questions and Background Papers 
*Survey – do we want it and how to get it done
*Other background material from (EPA/IWGDD)

Facilitators and rapporteurs

*Organize and support
*Room confirmation (EPA East for June 29-July 1)
*Break/Lunch – how to fund

How do we formulate the workshop report

Thanks, JR
J. R. Candlish
Technical Assistant
Information International Associates, Inc.
1055 Commerce Drive
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
phone: 865-298-1253
email: jcandlish@iiaweb.com

Brand Niemann Slides Data Quality Plan Pilot Tutorial: EPA Report on the Environment

Fourth Teleconference, March 9, 2010


Third Teleconference, February 22, 2010

Planning Team, Based on conversations with the Co-chairs, the following will be our agenda for tomorrow's meeting:


* Synchronization with IWGDD Report Schedule

* Review of the proposed agenda for the workshop drafted by the small task team (Note the agenda that is proposed is attached and there are a number of points for discussion, so please review carefully and be ready to discuss)

* Invitation list - how to develop

* Decision on if and how to get background papers done for the workshop and whether we want a survey

* Confirmation of June timeframe and location

* Other topics

I think the three items will certainly fill up the hour and move us significantly forward.


IWGDD Members, Attached is a report that was done by EPA that reviews a number of policies and plans and indicates best practices and ideas that are relevant to the work of the two IWGDD Subgroups.  It is also good input for the report that is underway.

We took the initiative to compare the documents referenced in the EPA report (called SDM Survey) and the IWGDD list of policies and plans.  There are a number of documents the IWGDD lists that might further inform the work done by EPA.  The EPA work is certainly relevant to us as noted.

If EPA is willing  I strongly recommend that the PI on the study for EPA or someone from EPA be invited to brief IWGDD at the March meeting.

I will also note that the combined thinking of this report and the IWGDD report in progress are going to be valuable input to the EPA/IWGDD/CENDI Data Management Workshop(s) that are being planned.  The revised timeline for the IWGDD report and that of the first workshop is important to synchronize so the Planning Team can see how the efforts can gain from each other. I will take the initiative to discuss this with the leadership from the two groups.

Draft Agenda References_SDM_EPA_Survey References_IWGDD_Report_Data Policies

My suggestions:

Drivers: Open Government Directive (publish three new datasets to Data.gov and setup a new web page)

State-of-the-art: New books on Scientific Data Management (e.g. http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/collaboration/fourthparadigm/)

Process: Hire an expert to conduct interviews, make an assesment, and provide recommendations (e.g. EPA's recent Enterprise Data Management Assessment).

Speakers and Categories: Survey Agency publications of data sets for the OGD and pick the best from those (e.g. EPA's Chesapeake Bay Program Water Quality Data).  

Second Teleconference, January 4, 2010

Review notes of last meeting and go over action items

Lynne will send out EPA Report on Data Management (being reviewed)

Bob will have us use the EPA Connector later this week

Kathryn report on glossary - not a part of the Harnessing document (had but did not put it in)


Begin to formulate agenda by looking at each objective and discussing what might presentation(s) would set the stage


Begin to structure the meeting:  plenaries; break-outs; demos; etc.

Determine how to develop the invitee list

Discuss what background material would be relevant to develop


First Teleconference, November 30, 2009

Draft Minutes

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