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3 Friday, April 11th

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Regional Sustainability – Where it Works

Time Description
0900 - 0910

Welcome and Review First Day (Virginia Ballroom)

- G. Mark Gibb, Executive Director, Northern Virginia Regional Commission, Fairfax, Virginia
- Roger Read, Secretary General, Metrex, Scotland. Slides.

0910 – 1000

Keynote Speech

Ambassador Bruton, European Union Ambassador to the U.S. (confirmed)
“The Vital Role of Sub-National Partnerships in Transatlantic Relations”

1000-1015 BREAK
1015 – 1145

3) Regional Climate Action Plans

Theme: This session will share the development and execution of U.S. and European regional climate action strategies with consideration of mitigation and adaptation issues on a regional scale.

Moderator: Betty Voights, Executive Director, Capital Area Council of Governments, Austin, Texas

- Genevieve Danchin, Project Manager, IAURIF, Paris-Il de France Region, France. Slides.
- Barry Seymour, Executive Director, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Slides.
- Irma Karjalainen, Head of Department, YTV, Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland. Slides.

4) Are You Prepared for Your Long-Term Weather Forecast? Climate Change and Regional Water Management

Theme: This session will explore regional climate action plans in the context of water resource and infrastructure management.

Moderator: Dee Freeman, Executive Director, Triangle “J” Council of Governments, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Slides.

- Chick Krautler, Executive Director, Atlanta Regional Commission, Atlanta, Georgia. Slides.
- Nico Tillie, Landscape Architect, ds+v, City of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Slides.
- Dr. Bruce Horton, Policy Development Advisor, Water UK, London. Slides.

1145 - 1200 BREAK
1200 – 1330

Lunch Speech (Virginia Ballroom)

Congressman James L. Oberstar, United States House of Representatives
“Thinking Globally and Acting Locally – Views From the U.S. Capitol Concerning Sub-national Climate Cooperation Between Europe and the United States”


Panel Discussion – “Shifting the Paradigm in Construction Codes – Identifying Best Practices in Energy Conservation for the Built Environment” (Virginia Ballroom)

Theme: This panel will share regional “green” building planning strategies and innovation.

Moderator: David Warm, Executive Director of the MidAmerica Regional Council, Kansas City, Missouri

- Joan Kelsch, Environmental Planner, Arlington County Government.
- Ambassador Richard Swett, Vice President, Leo A. Daly, Washington, D.C.
- Dr. Reinhard Loske, Senator for City Planning, Environment and Europe, Bremen, Germany
- Dr. Georg Reichard, Assistant Professor of Building Construction, Virginia Tech University

1430 – 1500 Break
1500 – 1630

Concurrent Sessions

5) Delivering the Message – Strategies for Social Inclusion and Planning for Climate Change (Virginia Ballroom)

Theme: This session will discuss and review innovative regional climate and energy planning with consideration to the issues of demographic changes, and social inclusion.

Moderator: Harrison Rue, Executive Director, Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission, Charlottesville, Virginia

- Paul Tait, Executive Director, Southeastern Michigan Council of Governments, Detroit, Michigan
- Chester Jourdan, Executive Director, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, Columbus, Ohio.
- Klaus Mandel, Project Manager, Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar, Mannheim, Germany. Slides.

6) Taking Measure – Establishing Regional Greenhouse Gas Inventories (Virginia Ballroom)

Theme: This session will discuss the mechanics of developing and applying regional greenhouse gas inventories.

Moderator: Tim Brennan, Executive Director, Pioneer Valley Regional Planning Commission

- Nick Papadakis, Executive Director, Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments, Marina, California.  Slides.
Dr. Sebastian Carney, The Tyndall Centre, Manchester, England. Slides.
- Hon. Nancy Floreen, Councilmember, Montgomery County, Maryland. Slides.
- Dr. Grahame Buchan, Structure Plan Manager Glasgow and Clyde Valley Joint Structure Plan Committee, Glasgow, Scotland.Slides.

1630 Conclude Second Day
1715 Depart Hotel for Reception at the Mount Vernon
1745 – 2100 Reception at Mount Vernon
2100 Depart Mount Vernon for Hotel
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