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EMPowerplus Q96 is a micronutrient and natural remedy for brain health and lifting the darkness of depression and other mood disorders. For more information click here. To see a list of empirical reports and clinical research on this product click here.  If you are interested in purchasing the product click here. 


Have you ever suffered with depression, stress or any kind of mood disorder? Have you ever wished for more clarity and brain fitness? Do you, or someone you love, suffer from bipolar disease or other debilitating mental challenge?

If you can answer yes’ to any of these questions, or if life is just getting you down, then the discovery made by an LDS father, Tony Stephan may surprise and astonish you. His situation was desperate because depression, anxiety and bipolar disease racked his family-and he decided he had to do something about it.

In seeking to help the ones he loved, he found a natural remedy for the broad range of mental challenges and mood disorders that face so many in this tense society.

Micronutrients can significantly reduce and even eliminate depression and a host of other mood disorders. Many journalists, doctors and scientists have called it a breakthrough in the treatment of mental health. Here is his story.

A Tormented Family

Tony had been married to Debbie for 23 years. She was his beloved, but deeply troubled. Years earlier she had been diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder. She experienced extreme mood shifts and explosive behavior. “It was not something she brought upon herself,” said Tony, “but the family felt her pain.”

Then one day, she went into the woods, hooked up a tube to the car and killed herself by carbon monoxide poisoning. “Already, we had buried my father-in-law to death by suicide, and now my sweetheart,” Tony said. Yet the threat went further. Two of his children, Joseph and Autumn, had been diagnosed with the same bipolar disease.

Joseph, 16, was on a toxic dose of lithium, and Autumn was on five different medications, each with its own side effects. Sadly, nothing was working and Tony could see that his daughter was following her mother’s dark choice and also planning suicide. At 23, she was married, but was in a constant volley in and out of psychiatric hospitals and her husband was about to give up on their marriage.

For his part, Joseph was 240 pounds of fury, large, violent and out of control. All of the children in the family were afraid of him. Tony said, “I was going to school every second or third day because of his emotional meltdowns.” He had to be careful how he awoke him in the morning because he would be in the darkest depression and by the afternoon he would be in a raging mania. Joseph stockpiled weapons and threatened to burn the house down while his family slept.

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When Tony remarried his wife’s best friend, Barbara, she said it was like moving into an asylum. Though they had been to several doctors to try and help Joseph, nothing was happening. Medications did not help. At last, after months of waiting, they got an appointment with a well-known psychiatrist.

Tony said he sat down with the psychiatrist and began to spell out his story. The doctor answered, “Spare me the details. After working with thousands of patients, I already know them. So many families are living with this same nightmare.”

“There has to be an answer,” Tony pled. “Tens of millions of dollars are going into research.” Seeing his agony, the psychiatrist asked Joseph and Barbara to leave the room, and then she laid it out straight for him.

“Mr. Stephan, you need a wake-up call. You need to understand that what you see is what you get. It’s not going to get better. Do you see what it says here? This disorder becomes more chronic with age. As he gets older he’s going to become less functional. It is also a recurrent disorder. That means there is no cure for it. Sadly, I need to tell you this. There is a high chance that he is going to take his life.”

Tony said, “If I have ever experienced a loss of hope it was right there and then. She shattered any hope that I had that somehow these medications would bring him around, that he would become like the 5-year-old boy he used to be so compassionate and sharing. When he hit puberty, bipolar disease just what came upon him.

“That three-hour ride home was the longest trip of my life. We all have dreams,” he said. “We dream of our child going to college, marrying and having children, having a career, living with happiness. Now every dream was drying up.

“I’m not going to get an answer here,” he said, “But I thought, there had to be an answer. I didn’t believe that God would send his children into a world where there was no freedom of choice for them, where they had to exist like this.”

Tony began searching for answers, asking everybody under the sun if they knew anybody who was bipolar and what they did for help. He heard story after story. “It was all tragedy, everywhere I looked,” he said. People told him tragic stories-spouses who locked themselves in their bedrooms and refused to come out of the house. Early deaths by self-inflicted wounds. Yet he felt that somewhere there had to be something that could bring his son around. He was on a quest.

Then one day he was walking down the hall at work and started talking to a man named David Hardy, telling him how bad this thing had been. David said, “I don’t know a whole lot about mental disorders. We’ve never experienced it in our home, so I don’t understand, but I spent 20 years formulating feed for the livestock industry.”

“I’m thinking, where is he going with this?” said Tony.

The man explained, “I looked after hundreds of thousands of hogs and we often saw a symptom called ear and tail-biting syndrome, where the animals became aggressive and hyper-irritable. We learned that if you didn’t pen the animals away from each other, you had a fatality. We also learned that we could nutrate away this disorder.”

“When he told me, I came to know what an epiphany was,” said Tony. “I don’t think there was a cell that wasn’t lit up in my body. I absolutely knew that was the answer.”

If you could change the mental disorders of pigs with vitamins and minerals, would it be possible to do something similar for people? Was nutrient deficiency part of the reason why so many suffered with mood disorders? It certainly wasn’t the usual solution for these problems from the medical profession, but for Tony’s family, nothing else had worked.


Tony began to put his son, Joseph, on different nutrient formulas-vitamin C, selenium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and so many others trying to get the right protocol and proper balance.

At first, it didn’t work, and then Joseph only got somewhat better, but Tony kept pressing and pressing to find the answer, the right combination and amplitude of micronutrients.

It meant at first that he was experimenting with giving Joseph many supplements a day, a fistful of pills that he had to gag down. Tony worked and experimented to refine the formula to find what gave Joseph relief.

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On January 17, 1996, Tony introduced Joseph to another nutrient formula and within 30 days, he no longer exhibited his bipolar symptoms. The quest Tony had pushed on for so long finally worked with remarkable results. Joseph became a new person. Symptoms dropped away. The violence and darkness that had marked his personality was shed.

Joseph said, “Where was I? What happened to me? Why was I so angry?” Tony believes that it all can be attributed to his neurochemistry being out of balance.

About a month later, his daughter Autumn came to stay at his home. She was at the point where she had to have 24-hour adult supervision or they were going to hospitalize her. “When she walked in the door, I just wept,” Tony said. “She was a shell of a person. This was a young lady who had excelled all the way to grade 7. She had been so gifted but had lost all of that in puberty when she began to exhibit all the attributes of bipolar disorder.

Tony tried to talk her into trying the micronutrient regimen, but she blew him off. At church on Sunday, however, she had a major anxiety attack. A psychiatric nurse said, “We have to take her to the hospital. She has to be sedated.” Tony said, “No, you are not,” and then insisted that she begin taking the nutrients, too. She just got better and better and never looked back.”

Tony did not intend to do anything beyond help his own family with the micronutrients, but people began to get wind of his efforts to cure mood disorders. A neighbor down the street had a wife with schizophrenia who had hidden in her bedroom for 18 years. Two months later she had a job out of the home, thanks to Tony’s micronutrient formula.

On it went, until in the last 17 years Tony has helped more than 80,000 people in Canada and over 100 countries with his all-natural remedy-the right balance and proportion of micronutrients, designed to be bio-available for the body and particularly for the brain.

People have been helped with a broad range of mood disorders including depression, anxiety, stress, bipolar, ADHD and autism. People also discovered that taking the micronutrients helped them with serenity, clarity and overall good health. Tony’s micronutrient solution for over-all brain health was giving life back to people who had lived in gloom.

EMPower Plus Q96 is a nutritional supplement that consists of 14 vitamins, 16 minerals, 3 amino acids, 3 antioxidants. It works by giving the brain the right balance of vitamins d trace minerals on a regular basis.

Tony said that these vitamins must be in critical ratios and balance. “Had we been off 5%, it wouldn’t have worked.

Tony notes that he gets thousands of emails every year from users that say, “You’ve changed my life. You’ve saved my life.” What hits closest to home for him, however is to see his own children who no longer require any kind of psychiatric intervention. You can see Autumn talking about it in this video clip:

Scientific Studies

Journalists and scientists have called Tony’s micronutrient formula an astonishing breakthrough in mental health. This is significant because mood disorders and mental challenges fall across a broad spectrum from the severe illness like Tony’s children to those who are overwhelmed by the stresses in life to children who suffer from ADHD and autism. All of these can be ameliorated through the use of this supplement. This is not a small thing when reports suggest that 1 in 4 Americans are suffering from some kind of mental illness.

For those who simply want to have better brain fitness, EMPowerplus Q96 is also powerful.

What is impressive, especially for those for whom anecdotal evidence is never enough is the number of independent scientific studies  that verify that EMPowerplus Q96 can make a significant difference in mental health.

Forty-four researchers reporting in 22 medical journals on 20 studies (by next March there will be 27) have found the positive impact of these micronutrients on people with various kinds of mood disorders. An estimated $25 million dollars worth of research has been done on this product, all money and studies independent of the product itself.

Tony said that it is the most studied micronutrient in the world.

Journals reporting on the studies with the micronutrients include: Journal of Attention Disorders, New Zealand Journal of Psychology, Human Psychopharmacology. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, Journal of Anxiety Disorders, Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and many more. 

Dr. Charles Popper, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist who has been affiliated with Harvard Medical School has been pursuing the study of micronutrients to treat mental disorder and suggests that we might end up redefining how we think of mental illness-and that would be a huge change.

Dr. Stephen Kimberly, editor of Web MD, is the chief science officer for QSciences that produces EMPowerplus Q96. 

Who would have thought that such support would gather behind a father’s efforts that began merely as an effort to save his children?

Tony says, “We are on a journey of love. We are on a journey of mercy and compassion. We are restoring people to who they truly are and not what their brain chemistry has made them. Do you know how many people pray day and night that they can get their life back?”

Now they can. If you are interested in this product click here.

To see a list of the empirical studies done on this product click here.


Marleen (Canada) February 3, 2015

I have been on TRUEHOPE EMP going on 3 months now. What a wonderful positive difference! I am going forward instead of backwards. I can see the sunshine instead of dark clouds. It says right on the bottle (blue glass, NOT plastic) Adults to take 2 capsules twice a day with food. Nothing difficult about that. Plus it has a money-back guarantee. Plus you can contact the company with questions. We do not get the nutrients/vitamins/minerals that we need in our food today. The chemicals being sprayed on our food are affecting both humans and animals. Quit wringing your hands and worrying . . . Try it, it really works! You deserve to be mentally & physically healthy.

Sue October 13, 2014

From the New Era: "Treatments for depression often involve a combination of therapy and antidepressant medications. It is important not to self-medicate. Turning to herbal or natural supplements before going to a doctor is dangerous to your health" ("Rising above the Blues," April 2002).

S. DEBORAH FRYER September 4, 2014

I wholeheartedly endorse this article and this product. I have been taking EMPowerplus for over 11 years and have completely recovered from bipolar disorder. You can read my story in a new book titled: MISSION IMPROBABLE: How I Healed Bipolar Disorder without Drugs. Available on Kindle or in paperback by emailing missionimpeccablebiographies@gmail.com

beth ivers August 1, 2014

how long do you have to take the qscience

Terri July 26, 2014

Despite what many people believe, we are NOT the best fed or most well nourished generation. Quite the opposite. We eat so much processed foods that we lack live enzymes and vital nutrients. I began juicing and taking wheatgrass long before I learned about these supplements and the change in my mood and thought patterns was astounding. You ARE what you eat.

Linda Sue July 15, 2014

is there also a special food diet that goes along with this or do you just take the pill, I heard no soda no red dye products, and others, please let me know. thank you

Cowboy Dave July 11, 2014

To those who wonder about our diet: As a Farmer/Rancher, University trained, I know that our food is plant based. (Our meat animals eat plants) Those plants come from seeds which sprout & start taking in moisture using the process of osmosis. The moisture contains dissolved minerals. What replenishes those minerals over the years? We ag people can buy & apply fertilizer, 14 or so minerals: of which N, P, K, S, increase yield, 2 or 3 more which MAY increase yield, depending on the situation, & the rest don't, as a rule, justify the cost. WE are paid on YIELD. End of story! (Some crops have other incentives ie. Protein level in wheat, etc) but the more produced, the more we make. If our bodies need the micro minerals ie. some of those across the bottom of the Periodic Table, in sufficient quantities, where do we get them from? They are not being restored to the soil by commercial fertilizer. Very few farmers can afford to put manure (or compost) back on their land every year. Also, what if the animal used all the micronutrients in the feed, then that manure is deficient & only contains N, P, K, & S. How do we do this thing right? Dietary Supplements is all I can see.

Ros June 30, 2014

I am really interested in your product and wondered if people with chronic fatigue and fibramyalgia have had help from taking this. I wonder how l could order it here in New Zealand. The question of cost is high, l feel the people that really need it are the ones who cannot work to earn money to pay for it, is there any way it can be made more affordabe so more people can benefit from it. I personally would love to take "one" product, and not so many to get over all great results.

Jeanette June 8, 2014

I just bought this product for my daughter who has extreme anxiety, and I want to know how to administer these capsules? How many does she take per day? Does it have to be taken with meals?

Jenn May 29, 2014

I guess my two cents is that if this works for lots of people, then it can't be that bad. Plus its vitamins and minerals, so not sure why people find that so evil. Also, many people have to try many different things to find what works for them. Apparently, as referenced in the many third party studies done on Truehope products in universities like Harvard, when nutrition is an issue in contributing to mental illness, EMPowerplus by Truehope provides the right nutrition in the right amount to the body in an absorbable format and the person feels better. Why this angers so many people and makes them smash on a company that has helped so many is beyond me. They even won against Health Canada.

Carma May 22, 2014

The Q96 has made a remarkable difference in my life. I did not realize how depressed I was until I was so happy. It has also opened up opportunities for other improvements in my life. So thankful that someone got me on the path of Q96. Carma.myqxlife.com

Jr April 14, 2014

We do not get all the nutrients we need from our food. I am in the sun quite frequently, drink and eat calcium products with Vit. D and found out I had vitamin D deficiency! I was tested for other vitamins as well and levels were low on some. But I had absolutely no vitamin D. One day if I am lucky enough to find employment I will try this brand of supplements.

Yvonne April 9, 2014

Has anyone taking Q96 noticed any changes in appetite?. I have a food "addiction" and have a constant feeling of needing to eat, even after eating a large meal. I also have had depression off and on for the past 30 years, however the medications which were prescribed just made me feel worse, so I have just struggled through it. I have an appointment in two weeks with a weight loss specialist to start the new medication for weight loss called "Belviq". If Q96 can help with food cravings, I would rather try that. I think that the food cravings are probably because off a missing nutrient, but which one I have no idea. Often my brain seems to be in a fog, as if something is missing. Any thoughts from others would be appreciated. I work as a nurse with a Masters in Nursing, but traditional medicine has not provided the answers.

John Harrison March 14, 2014

Is this an ad or an article? Has Meridian been paid to share this content? Shouldn't this be clearly labeled as advertising?

Colton March 6, 2014

Here is a recently released double-blind study about this product http://www.3news.co.nz/Nutrients-cou...JrJwY.facebook

Pam January 25, 2014

I first read of this story and company in an article in Discover Magazine, May 2005. It was fascinating and exciting! Unfortunately, the vitamin therapy was also out of my price range.

Greg January 23, 2014

Donna, I am not part of QScience but was given a sample and have used it for the past 5 days. I do not suffer from depression or any mental issues, but I don't sleep well due to old injuries and have relied on ambient for years or large doses of advil PM and would still wake up 10-12 times a night. Every morning I would need an energy drink to clear the fog in my head and get focussed. I take 2 capsules 1st thing in the morning and 2 more mid-afternoon and I have energy all day and only wake up a few times a night to adjust my pillow but go right back to sleep. I wake up clear minded & focussed and only take i advil PM and 1 melatonin before bed. I seen comments about the costs of Q96 being high, but compared to energy drinks & sleep aides, it's a steal. I used to spend twice that on just energy drinks! I have no "skin" in this product but will continue using it from now on. I just feel better, have heightened focus with a calmness which I never got from energy drinks, no crashes either. Hope this helps someone else.

Lynne January 23, 2014

I've been using this product now for 3 months, and my son has been on it for about 3 weeks. I'd like to share my experience with it. I'm in my early 50's, very physically healthy, except for a life-long tendency towards mild depression, mild anxiety and SAD. These emotional difficulties were just strong and frequent enough to keep me from being able to be consistently energetic, upbeat and functional in my home, family and work. It was difficult for me to plan anything long-term, because I never knew how I was going to be doing emotionally. It affected my family and friend relationships, my work and my overall life. I was functioning ok, and probably better than a lot of people with more severe mental health struggles. But I felt like I was always operating at a compromised, 75% capacity. I also felt like I had to "fake" that I was feeling ok emotionally, much of the time. Over the years, I've used a couple of different prescription anti-depressants with only moderate success and unpleasant side effects with both. So I stopped using anti-depressants and have just tried to grit my teeth and get through my periodic bouts with depression, etc. I tried this product beginning in October 2013, and within about a week I noticed that I had an overall sense of increased well-being, emotional stability, mental clarity and improved physical energy. I felt "normal" and "like myself" again. I did not feel medicated or hopped up on drugs, the way some of the prior anti-depressants made me feel. I just feel like me again, and like the "me" that is competent, sharp, able to manage my life again, and happy. My college-age son has ADD and occasional mild depression. He says that he has an overall increased sense of mental clarity and emotional well-being when using this product. I realize it costs more than some supplements and meds, but I will keep using it and buying it for my son, because of the results we've had. This is literally the first winter season since I was a teenager where I have not felt depressed due to SAD. If you are experiencing the emotional struggles that I was, I do hope you'll give this product a try, even if only for a month or two. It has made it possible for me to be so much more productive and content, without the side-effects that most drugs have. Thank you to the makers of this supplement. You have helped me and my son so much with your product. Sincerely, Lynne from Virginia

Hap January 20, 2014

I've seen so many of these claims perhaps I'm jaded. Need to take 8 capsules a day, $67.99 month (28 day supply -short 2 to 3 days) per person; plus food (i.e., protein, et.al.). Way over priced -should be $15 incl. shipping. $50 for MLM overhead is way out of line. I'm sure Tony & Debbie Stephan are wonderful folks. Their picture shows nice smiles; but not my idea of healthy looking people. My first thought was lots of dairy in their diet.

Ruby December 28, 2013

Being bipolar it's probably the worst thing somebody can go thru. If our brain doesn't work right, could we expect something good happening to us? I was there for 12 years and 12 years ago I got rid of that problem with nutrition thru vitamins, minerals, a balanced diet, away from alcohol, coffee, sugar, refined starchs, sodas, and red meat. I quit taking medication (the last was Lithium)12 years ago and I felt freedom. I made the decision of taking care of myself and doing the necessary changes of my life because I didn't want to end in an assylum or dead, nor wanted to hurt my family anymore. It's worth to try anything other than medicaments. I didn't have a job when I bought the vitamins from the company that sold them, but now I can work without stress after being able to finish college. I don't know about the products mentioned on this site, but if I hadn't found anything else that works, I would try them.

Donna December 28, 2013

I 've been reading so many reviews on this supplement. I so want it to help my 21-year old son but I am hesitant for him to try it. He is not on medication and is very high functioning, but could use help with depression. Does everybody take the same dosage, no matter how old they are or what they are being treated for? The truehope website has not been very useful, I tried calling but the office was closed during the holidays. And now that the company seems to have turned into a multiple-level marketing company makes the whole thing seem even more sketchy. Any advice on how the dosage works?

D. Hessling December 27, 2013

Thanks to modern-day prophets we have been given counsel the "Word of Wisdom" and how to keep ourselves healthy. During the past years I have observed how depleted of nutrients our bodies have become because of too much emphasis on smoking, alcohol, coffee, and black tee, that we have neglected the developments in our nutrition and have gone with the world in gorging ourselves with convenient foods. We are now harvesting the results. Through education, scientific researches, media publications, etc. no other society or civilization or generation in human history has had a better possibility to recognize and take actively control for their lives into their own hands and keep the risks low as ours. Our culture has the finances and wide varieties to choose from, to provide happiness, health, wellbeing, and prosperity. No other society has had such a grand variety of foods and products to nourish our bodies as ours. But, what has happened? What are we reaping from our knowledge and possibilities? Whereas we should abound in health, vigour, and strength, no other generation or society is so beset with illness and degenerative illnesses as ours. Heart diseases, rheumatism, degenerative arthroses, arthritis, obesity, tooth decay, diabetes, cancer, addictions, depression, burn-out, etc. plague and throw us out of conception and change lives as never before. The medical bills and insurance costs are exploding. We know the factors of providing health and avoiding illness, or at least, we should. Whereas a hundred years ago infectious illnesses prevailed, now the civilization illnesses go ramped. Since the past 30 Years I give nutrition lectures on the Word of Wisdom, exclaiming how we neglect the warnings (vs.4) therein. It is a pity that we have progressed in our nutrient depletion that it is necessary to take massive nutrient supplements to correct the mistakes of our parents and grandparents. I also am grateful to the Formula developed by Tony and for Meridian for making it pubic. Keep up the good work!

Susan December 14, 2013

I have had bipolar, ADHD, severe panic / anxiety attacks, autism /Asperger's, and OCD, my entire life. Plus for over 30 years now I've struggled with Fibromyalgia, CFS, Epstein Barre syndrome, Sjogren's Syndrome, Trigeminal Neuralgia, peripheral neuralgia, Osteoarthritis and many more auto immune illnesses and issues. When I read this article I KNEW without a doubt this Q96 would help me. When I researched further I realized I had been on the right track with my vitamins and minerals because of my years of research but I didn't have the right formula for them like Tony put together - he knew just what to do and how to do it with the chelated minerals and other blends, which no other supplements had but are definitely the keys to this. I've been on it now for 2 months and my life has Completely and Totally changed for the better. In fact I am a NEW person. I've never knew the real me before and now I am finding I love this new me. I'm happier, confident, energetic, free of brain fog, totally free of panic & anxiety, free of pain, ready to help and commit to life, no longer wanting to be a hermit, and thoughts of wishing I could just die or disappear into oblivion are gone. I'm doing things in my life and having fun! I NEVER thought this could happen to me. My husband and family are amazed at the change. My husband and I have hope for a normal life and marriage. I have to say we are somewhat hesitant and keep waiting for something to happen that makes it all go back to the nightmare way it was before but so far it hasn't! I will not say I am cured because if I don't keep up on taking this wonderful Q96 I will have problems again. I say I am now in remission from everything and feeling fantastic for the first time in my life. This truly was an answer to a lifetime of prayer. I am so grateful to Tony formula and for Meridian for making sure the public knows about it. Thank you for changing my life!

Anna December 9, 2013

I have been on a quest for 5 years for myself and my children to find answers to our mental instability, depression, mania, lack of focus, loss of temper, anger and rage, ADHD symptoms, and the list goes on. Bipolar runs in my side of the family, including my siblings, father, grandfather, great-grandfather. A few years ago while visiting with my grandmother and seeking her counsel about my then 12 year old out-of-control son, she actually said, "Oh honey, we had no business having children." This is a sad place to be in when this genetic disposition continues to pass down through the generations. I love my kids! There's not a one I don't want, but I needed answers. I'm forever grateful to have found the Meridian article on EmPower Plus. As I read it for the first time, everything in me was screaming "Yes!" I decided to wait and think about it and be prayerful. I was hesitant. Was it hype? Was I trying to be duped because of my desperate situation? Was it a scam? My doubts and fears interfered with the original sure feeling I had had when I first read the article. Finally it came down to this: the intention of this man was to bless his family, not to get gain. With this reassurance I took courage and ordered enough to try for 3 in our family: myself, my 17 year old son and my 8 year old daughter. It has been a month now and I am feeling normal. I haven't felt normal in years. Weirdest thing is that I can play the piano like never before. The notes don't jumble up in my head and I don't get nervous and fall apart while playing. I can also clean my house again. I feel like I can deal with things that have piled up all around me. I have a long journey ahead to repattern things in my life, but I do have hope again! I feel stable and calm. I am seeing my 17 year old begin to remove layers of anger, caustic outbursts, scowling ugly expressions and rude, hateful language. Our home is calmer and more normal. I never tried prescription drugs, though many of my extended family have done so. I have seen too much from the side effects of prescriptions in my family members. I have been eating lots of fruits and vegetables, smoothies, juicing, wheat grass, sprouts, kefir, raw dairy, etc. I believe in being healthy and have studied and served my family many non-conventional foods. I have given them Lithium Oratate, vitamin D and Fish oil....nothing compares to the results we have found by taking EmPower Plus Advanced. When it comes to my family, the greatest proof is in how they are coping and their quality of life. They mean everything to me!!!! My gratitude goes out to Tony who took a tragic experience and used it to serve others around him. Thank you Meridian for being the source of information I so desperately needed and have been searching for for years!

Judith December 6, 2013

To Vader who finds it impossible to believe that this nation could be malnourished. Check out what the American diet is. You are eating mostly corn and sugar. All animals are fed corn. Undigestible, but it makes them very fat. Corn, pesticides, herbicides. Modified corn syrup and corn starch. Unless you are eating a large variety of fruits and vegetables you are absolutely not getting good nutrition.

Brynn December 5, 2013

My 91 year old mother was sexually abused as a child and hid it from her husband of 75 years and her children. She suffered severe depression her whole life and entertained suicidal thoughts on a regular basis. My father stayed devoted to her until his passing. Now she has dementia and the doctors have fed her all kinds of antidepressants and other drugs that fight each other making her a psychotic depressed mess. I take turn in her care giving with my brother and one sister. In my last turn I introduced Q96 to her. She is presently off citalopram (celexa). Her mood - even though she has dementia, which is horrible experience - has been sweeter, less conniving and mean, and so much better to cope with for me. She is thinking more clearly and logically. I am keeping hope that she will continue in this manner. Her life has been such a struggle - and so has ours because of it. I realize this may not have positive effects for everyone - but right now it is giving mom a chance at better mental health .I'll take that!

malinda November 19, 2013

So, I have been diagnosed with different mental disorders and I am unsure what category I would actually fall under. I do know that I have depression of some form and anxiety. I have been on several medications which will work for a period of time and then I must change meds. One day I thought to myself, I wonder what vitamins and minerals can cause depression and if I lack any of those? So I asked my doctor if he could do a blood test to help find the deficiencies. His answer was, he could, but my insurance would not cover it and just to do one vitamin test was $300.00...no wonder we are not able to find out the real reason we are mentally unstable. No one can afford it! I have not tried this product yet, but I am definitely going to do my research and go from there. I do not believe it is coincidence that I too was wondering if lack of certain vitamins and minerals was part of the problem! Once I have tried this and find it to work, I will tell everyone I know, starting with my own family who all suffer with mental illnesses as well!!!

JackieCanuck November 18, 2013

Mary, in answer to your excellent question, pharmaceutical companies can't put patents on vitamins and/or minerals. In Canada we have the "Natural Health Products" act now for "alternative" treatments. I don't know abt the States...I have a textbook called "HealthCare in Canada", copyright 2011, that details the corruption in "big pharma" and their unhealthy ties to Cdn government (published by Univ. of Toronto Press I believe).There are similar exposes of similar US situations now too; can't remember names right off though... The best testimonial is my cured kids though! including our oldest daughter, who was once bipolar, homeless on the street, abusing substances; but is now a happy, thriving, active working LDS mom, happily remarried.

JackieCanuck November 17, 2013

Tony and family, we love you forever for the healing you've brought to our family. Thanks for always following the Spirit and having the faith to realize that sufferers of mental illness are all God's children too, not some kind of deficient beings...This is only the beginning! I am still going to university and working on the subject of moms taking this micronutrient in pregnancy. Long haul but s-o-o- worth it.

Dan Goudy November 13, 2013

Answer to Pamela Sanders: Q96 product can be ordered from Australia and shipped there as needed. I have an order website dandk.myqxlife.com Click on the country and you should be able to get what you need. Good luck!

Pamela Sanders October 29, 2013

I would like to try this product but unfortunately it does not appear to be available in Australia nor does there seem to be a facility for ordering it from the US. What is the story to getting a supply? Can anyone help?

Love October 26, 2013

My sister suffers from a bringing disorder. Could this product help her?

Mary October 26, 2013

Here is the question I always have when I hear claims such as this. If it has such good results, why doesn't some big pharm company develop it (the ingredients are right there on the website), do the necessary studies, and get it approved by the FDA? I agree big pharm is greedy. If they could get FDA approval they could charge whatever they want and make millions. Is it because the studies can't be replicated?

sue October 24, 2013

Anyone who takes a drug knows that it is dangerous to get off some of them quickly. One must go off of these types gradually or there could be serious side effects. But there is plenty of proof that nutritional therapy works and more of the population go to alternative healers than tradional physicians. And there are physicians who use natural substances. Every single health supplement is required to make disclaimers. Have you ever read the long list of side effects of taking drugs? Now the drug companies are being forced to give you that information. Nutrional supplements have no side effects. Integrative medicine recognizes the need for both types of therapies and practitioners. Medicine today is most effective in helping things like traumatic accidents but have no solutions for many problems people face. The proof is in the experience of the individual and each individual's body is different.

S October 24, 2013

This product seemed to help some, but the person who took them had digestive problems that were just too much to tolerate. Has anyone else had this kind of problem and what was the answer?

Gary Hansen October 24, 2013

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a serious mental or emotional disorder, you must not discontinued prescribed medications without a full consultation with your treating physician. To do so may endanger yourself or those around you. The products offered by Q Sciences are not medicines...they are vitamin supplements are are not intended nor effective for the treatment of mental or emotional disorders. The disclaimer mentioned by Obi-Wan is included by Q Sciences because it is strictly and exactly true. "DISCLAIMER: Comments and testimonies expressed herein [on web pages and in pamphlets and the Meridian article under discussion] have not been evaluated by The FDA. Q Sciences does not claim to treat or cure any diseases. Do not alter or discontinue any current medical treatment based on information from this page." Those swayed by the promotional materials for this product--including this Meridian article--should KNOW that Q Sciences does not even *claim*--no less guarantee--that their products cure or treat anything at all. Consult with your primary care giver or specialist before discontinuing any medication that has been prescribed for you.

dona hessling October 24, 2013

I have been giving nutrition lectures on the Word of Wisdom and the Storage Program for 30 years, warning principally the members of the dangers of our present-day foods and presenting uncomfortable solutions. Phyicians aren't trained in nutrition and are overwhelmed with the many non-identifiable illnesses and only search for symptom remedies. Back in 1834 the Lord warned us ahead of time of this development.

Marcie October 23, 2013

I have not tried this product personally but I believe it can help the brain. Most mental illnesses, I believe, are medical illnesses. Please go to pandasnetwork.org and learn how bacteria and viruses can effect our brains and cause neurological symptoms like adhd, ocd, anxiety and tics. Often people are misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and autism when it is really a neurological disorder called PANDAS/PANS. We need to supplement our bodies and provide proper nutrition so our bodies can fight off illnesses. Please learn more at pandasnetwork.org and help spread awareness.

sue October 23, 2013

All natural products have to put that on the label even though there IS research to prove results. I have taken supplements for years and it has always been that way. The proof is in the success of natural approaches to health problems for individuals. I would think his story would be enough to convince people that this helps. There are plenty of people who suffer from debilitating illnesses that can be helped even if a phyician doens't think so. No medical schools offer classes in nutrition, and physicians mostly learn about drugs through the drug companies.

Arden Hansen October 22, 2013

Obi-wan: the answer is very simple. Q science does not have FDA approval. Therefore they can not legally claim to cure anything. If they did not put in the disclaimer they would get intro trouble with the FDA which is a government agency that protects the public by evaluating products for their safety and efficacy.

sue October 22, 2013

I take a supplement that is nearly exactly the same except the propritary blended ingredients are much lower. I don't have any problem like bi-polar disorder, but do have ADD and this less extreme version of the product protects the brain and helps things like ADD. So the higher propritary blends must make the product more "medicinal" for extreme brain disorders like his family had. I have found that eating correctly, not eating things I am allergic to, not eating sugar, and eating a lot of raw vegetables and fruits along with taking supplements and doing chiropractic is all that I need to improve my health. I spent years doing this and it made a huge difference in my life, whereas a drug I once took gave me bronchial pneumonia and I ended up in the hospital. Sometimes a drug is neccessary, but there are always side effects and some people are more sensitive to them than others.

Rebecca October 22, 2013

I have not tried this product but I can truly say I found the same answer on my own. My mother and grandfather were both institutionalized with no-polar disorder. I was going to take my life one day but my husband intervened. i got a doctor and RX and have ben stable. For health sake, 20 years later I took on supplements, organics, NO sugar or refined carbs. I am now RX free. My supplements plus clean eating changed my brain chemistry. I believe this can do the same. Good supplements are expensive but worth it. Cut the junk food in your monthly food bill and you will find the money. It's not money, it's resolve. Do it.

VA Sister October 22, 2013

@Obi-Wan: That's a clown question, Bro. :-) J/K. You will find a similar disclaimer on just about everything found at a vitamin or health food store or even the drug store. Why? Because we live in a world where people will sue you if you look at them cross-eyed! My disclaimer: I'm not advocating this product - though I intend to try it. I'm just answering your question.

Obi-Wan October 22, 2013

Forgive me, I am not a doctor or a lawyer. All I know is that I have read this article Meridian about this medicine for depression, anxiety, stress, bipolar, ADHD, and autism that people here are saying is an amazing breakthrough in treating mental illness. I checked the company out on Facebook and found the statement that it doesn

Matt October 21, 2013

I have two questions: how can I sign up as a preferred customer to become an independent business owner? And has anyone who is sensitive to MSG mentioned being sensitive to this also?

Andrewk October 21, 2013

Obi-Wan: Do you really need to ask this question? Do you know anything about the FDA? Do you read the labels on most medicines? Do you understand the concept of a legal disclaimer? I'm not part of this company, nor am I endorsing anything, I'm just very surprised that you posted such a question.

Obi-Wan October 21, 2013

From Q Science's Facebook page: DISCLAIMER: Comments and testimonies expressed herein have not been evaluated by The FDA. Q Sciences does not claim to treat or cure any diseases. Do not alter or discontinue any current medical treatment based on information from this page. https://www.facebook.com/QforHope/info Can someone explain why the company needs to say this?

nancy October 20, 2013

congrads to this Dad for not giving up. He was absolutely right in his belief that there had to be an answer. Shocking to most people is this answer of micronutrient therapy has been tehre all along. It is not new. I applaud his courage and tenancity in creating a product that works ( i'm sure it is fantastic) . The simple truth is that our medical community is ill equipped to actually cure people. The scinece behind micro nutrient threapy is actually almost a century old going back to even the origins of alcoholics Annonymous and Bill W who introduced mega doses of B3 and V C to recovering drunks. DONT BE AFRAID TO TRY IT. YOu have nothing to lose but your illness. All chronic disease, addictions, mental afflictions, behavioral disorders have origins in nutritional/biochemical deficiencies. Heal the brain and the body will follow. Happy story ending - however, I don't care for this article becoming a commercial endorsement for his product

Cassandra Casey October 20, 2013

Responding to Eunju Martinez - You can get this product at the wholesale price if you sign up as a preferred customer. And, you can also become an independent business owner with QSciences, and as you help others learn about their products, you can earn enough money to buy the product for your family. It's so easy! You just share this amazing story with everyone you know :-)

Ginny October 19, 2013

I have been using EMPowerPlus for nearly 10 years and I love it!. Lived on psychotropics for depression and Neurontin for Bi-Polar II for almost 15 years and hated the bag over my head feeling but was willing to use them to have a semi normal life. EM Power Plus (fondly referred to as my 'pig minerals' has given me my life back. It is worth every cent!

Leonard O'Reilly October 19, 2013

My wife was suffering with depression starting at 17 years old. It was hard on our relationship. After our 6th child and 5 weeks in the hospital with her condition she decided that she would put her full faith finding relief. She prayed and fasted and studied the scriptures and found some relief and then she found a book that helped a lot called "The Sugar Addicts Total Recovery Program" by Kathleen DesMaisons. She found herself in the book and did as the author said and got off refined sugar and flour. THAT made a big difference 2 years ago but she was still having to deal with negative feelings, self doubt and anger but that all went away just days after starting Q96 at the end of April of this year. Now we are sharing with MANY people and loving seeing the change. And, yes, having a healthy gut is very important to good mental capacity and QSciences has QBiotic for that need.

WILLA October 18, 2013


eunju martinez October 18, 2013

Can I have discount price? I have 4 children need this product and I can't afford it. Please help...

sue October 17, 2013

MaryAnn- you need to understand the power of drug companies and their connection to the media. There are many success stories with natural products but you have to find out about them on your own. The companies that make drugs make millions of dollars off of the drugs which cost them a lot less than you pay for them. There are so many success stories for just about every illness that you NEVER wil hear about unless you read something like this or talk to someone who has had an experience to share.

Cassandra Casey October 17, 2013

I've known Tony Stephan for years, and over those years, I've told hundreds of people about this product, and encouraged them to go to his website to learn more. So, naturally I was thrilled when he decided to team up with a local Utah company to help get this product out to more people, and I immediately signed up, and I'm with QSciences, too. Both my husband and I use Q96 for better health. When you really think about it, it just makes good sense - feed your cells what they need, and then they will perform as God designed them to! It's an amazing product, and personally, I think everyone would benefit from it.

Maryann October 17, 2013

I so want to believe this, but if it's true, why isn't it the #1 headline in newspapers across the country? This would be astounding news affecting many thousands, if not millions, of people. I have struggled with depression for most of my life, as have my brothers and sisters and extended family members. I am willing to give this a try, but I am doubtful.

Lisa Young October 16, 2013

Im with Q Sciences and yes the Empowerplus Q96 WORKS my son has bipolar and is all he takes I have hundreds of people using the Empowerplus Q96 and all have great results BUT you wont know unless you try. I 100% recommend this product for everyone.

Stephanee Green October 16, 2013

We also are a part of this company and trying to share this nutritional breakthrough with everyone possible...We have people having amazing results taking this product and the other products that Q Sciences offers. 22 independent research studies, 15 universities including Univ of Calgary, Harvard, Ohio State and many more, $25 million in studies not associated with the True Hope co. or Q Sciences. Try a sample and just feel happier!!!

Jenny Hatch October 16, 2013

I have suffered from extreme mental illness and was court ordered to eat psychiatric meds for over a year including Lithium, Prozac, Stelazine, and Haldol in 1989. Using a whole foods diet, natural family living, and a host of nutrient dense supplements I have been able to live a relatively healthy and productive life. Orthomolecular doctors have been treating mental illness with nutritional supplements for decades. Big Pharma owns the Media, especially the News Media - count up all the drug ads next time you watch a national news program. Health, healing, and long term emotional stability will never be found in the pills of psychiatry, read Dr. Peter Breggin! Thanks to Meridian for giving this Dad a platform when so many are suffering. Keep up the great work! Jenny Hatch WWW.JennyHatch.com

Sara October 16, 2013

@Mahonri , on the site it states that each serving is 4 capsules and there are 30 servings in a bottle. So it's 120 caps per bottle. @Michelle .... the product doesn't contain caffeine or Coffee extract... I'm not sure what product you are talking about.

Mahonri October 16, 2013

No where on the purchasing site does it say how many capsules are in a bottle, nor how many need to be taken each day, nor when. I'd say it's just a tad expensive, but if the testimonials are true then I guess it would be worth it.

sue October 16, 2013

To: myfamilysufferstoo: Drug store vitamins are cheap because they are chemicals. When nutritional products are made from whole food ingredients they are much more expensive, but much more effective because they match your body's chemistry. Synthetic vitamins and minerals are molecular opposite structures. Also, you must consider that the market is smaller which raises the cost. But to create a good formula takes a lot of skill and knowledge. Some of the best things that have been developed throughout history have been developed by entrepreneureal people who want to fill a need. I pay the same amount for a similar product and I do not have such a drastic problem as this man's family had.

Steve Bloor October 16, 2013

I'm stunned! All the scientific research is showing that a natural lifestyle, including Mediterranean diet and regular moderate exercise, is the best way to optimise both mental and physical health.

Audrey October 16, 2013

There are many other books and studies that are completely in line with this article. Here are some other resources to look at: If you want to learn more about natural supplements for brain health and mood disorders read "The Diet Cure," http://amzn.to/17GvknS and "The Mood Cure," http://amzn.to/GWKK1y by Julia Ross. She recommends amino acids to help all sorts of brain problems. Also read this e-book, "The Way Up from Down" http://www.thewayup.com/upfrmdwn.htm

Harold October 16, 2013

This is actually an amazing story and even more so when you research further. The Canadian government charged Tony with selling his formula as a therapy for mental disorders outside of the approved drug therapies. The court battle lasted 3 weeks and Tony was found not guilty because the judge weighed the evidence: scientific and clinical. Even the government gave Tony's formula a market license and therapeutic claim. So with all the science and the court decision and all the doctor and patient testimonies, why would anybody refer to this as a hoax or scam. Come on people - scams don't last 17 years and have huge favourable media attention and peer reviewed research.

Denis P October 16, 2013

Vader... they have done double blind studies and have all the proof you could ever want you just have to look for it. You need to go to their original website at www.truehope.com and start there. The big lawsuit in Canada was where the Canadian FDA, whatever it is called, was trying to shut them down and with all the proof that was presented True Hope won the case. My daughter has been on every drug on the market with nothing working for very long and then you have to deal with the side effects and the residuals left in the body. She has done better on this that anything... hands down. Call the main company and talk to the people and you will find out what a class act this company really is. A lot of the people you end up talking to are people who have suffered with mental illness themselves and True Hope has changed their lives and they are now working for the company so when you tell them what is going on they understand it on a first hand basis.... not just the MENTAL health professionals who at times you can't tell from the patients! For you that have mental problems or have loved ones that do you need to call the main company at www.Truehope.com and talk to them! Their number is 1-888-878-3467.

Alex October 15, 2013

I wish I could find a source of information that was reliable. It would be nice if I knew someone personally whom I could trust, that had experience with this supplement. I'm not a conspiracy theory nut, but I do know, and it doesn't take a rocket-scientist to know, that when it comes to large amounts of money big companies WILL do just about anything to protect their interests. I also know that organizations like the AMA and governmental entities such as the FDA are run by fallible human beings who will also have bias. Many a 'double-blind study' have later been shown to have errors or falsified research and/ or evidence. I also know that there are many well-meaning and not so well-meaning miracle product companies that are nothing more than placebo for people who are looking for an answer to desperate prayers after years of frutration and heartache. The conclusion I have come to is this... the only way to know is usually to do your own research.

Leona October 15, 2013

Thank You Meridian For This Article And Sharing A Great Story. Now More People Will Be Aware Of Truehope/Empowerplus/Q96 And Be Able To Try It For Themselves. As Far As Cost, We Are Willing To Pay For Things One Way Or Another. I Find This Product Helps Me VERY Much And Is Well Worth The Price For The Mental Calm And Strength I Recieve. This Company Is About Helping People Be Healthy.They Are True:)

Genk i October 15, 2013

Wow according to the Website Harvard has done studies on the product.

sue October 15, 2013

For people who have never had health problems they just don't grasp things like this. I was a nervous wreck my whole life until I started taking something similar. Now I am as calm as a cucumber. People have genetic pre-dispositions to certain deficiencies and mine was to certain neurotransmitters or amino acids. Nutrition works and each of us has our own nutritional needs. It doesn't take a medical degree to figure things out. People who are entreprenureal solve problems for themselves. If you think our food is treat do some reading on genetically modified foods and see what is happening to your body and those of your children!

Amy October 15, 2013

According to my naturopath, much of our brain chemistry is controlled by the health and balance of the gut. If a person has gluten and/or other inflammatory disorders, several important mood altering systems can be disrupted, causing mental illness. Western medicine has few answers, but naturopathic or eastern medicine has quite a bit to offer. I have friends whose children''s moods changed for the better, once their food allergies were diagnosed, and they began eating foods that wouldn't cause allergic reactions. Fascinating.

Vader October 15, 2013

Tom, what nutrients do you think are deficient from the modern diet? What is the correlation coefficient for deficiency of these nutrients and clinical depression? Have double-blind studies shown significant improvement in depression in patients given supplements of these nutrients? If you can't answer these questions, then I suggest that you don't know what you're talking about. There is only one scientifically recognized essential nutrient that is likely to be deficient in the American diet, and that's vitamin D. We don't get outside enough. I take a supplement and I try to get outside during the winter.

Vader October 15, 2013

Denis P, Prayer is good. When it comes to medical treatments, double-blind studies are better. I can dig up some First Presidency quotes supporting this position if you need me to.

LJ October 15, 2013

I understand peoples' reticence in believing this information, but in my spouse's case it has been a great blessing. Lithium prevents severe mania but no other class of medication could even out the still significant peaks and valleys of the bipolar mood disorder for my spouse. The EmPower has been successful in improving his quality of life. Thank you Meridian for giving publicity to this inspired product.

Kae Prisbrey October 15, 2013

They work. I have been taking them for over ten years. I don't have depression and am not bipolar, so I cannot speak for those conditions. But I am less tense, more calm, and more able to handle challenging situations. Find a doctor who will work with you, especially if you are switching from other meds.

Denis P October 15, 2013

FOR YOU THAT ARE SKEPTICAL ... you need to look at the research. I've been involved with this company for years. The Canadian government tried to shut them down and they had a famous doctor come and share the results he had experienced with his patients over a number of years. When the judge finished listening to his testimony he basically said that if he banned the sale of this product there was no doubt it would have a negative impact on 100's or possibly 1000's of people. He ended the lawsuit ruling in favor of True Hope... or the Empower Plus or Q96 product that is here. It is the same stuff. There are so many testimonies over the past 17 years you can't dispute that it doesn't work. It has never been promoted before other than just word of mouth. Now that they have the product going out in an MLM form it is going to finally be introduced to alot of people. If you are in doubt... PRAY ABOUT IT! On the True Hope site they talk to you about your condition and work with you on an individual basis. try it!!!

Denis P October 15, 2013

We have had our daughter on this for years... off and on when she will take it! Here is its beginning.. www.truehope.com They have now taken it to an MLM which I think is great in the fact that more people will be able to find out about it. The nutritional part of it was told to us by an old time doctor by doing hair sample etc. quite awhile before we found the True Hope company. The easiest way to find out is to try the stuff... and I KNOW that it works. Our problem is that our daughter is a 9 or 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Our Heavenly Father will sort it out in the end... in the mean time you just try and deal with it and put it in his hands. Nothing else works!

Teri October 15, 2013

I got so excited when I read this article. I have worked nutritionally for years with a lady who has bipolar and I have seen miracles happen in her life because of good nutrition. I have watched her transform into a functional, beautiful person. I love the supplement I gave this lady - it works, but it is very expensive. Her family also struggles with bi-polar but cannot afford the supplement I gave my friend. I am so excited to send this article to her! I am a firm believer in good nutrition. I have watched miracles happen in peoples lives because of it. If I was bi-polar, I would not discount Tony Stephan's remedy without at least giving it a 3-month trial.

Barbara October 15, 2013

The money back guarantee that is offered makes it easy to give it a try and see for yourself.

Michelle October 15, 2013

I'm wondering why an LDS father would create supplements that contain coffee extract and caffeine. I guess if it is a medicine for an illness then that might OK. But a daily supplement? Not so sure about that.

Mike October 15, 2013

If there is a need, a possible path may be just to give the remedy a try and see if it works for you. If you find it effective, then great. If not, probably little has been lost. The underlying causes of problems discussed in the article can be many and varied, so be sure to work closely with your doctor.

myfamilysufferstoo October 15, 2013

I feel like I have been scammed so many times in my desperation to get help for myself and 4 of my children. So I am reluctant to buy. Of course, I desperately want to believe in this remedy. But why is it SO expensive, if it is vitamins and minerals? Is there any kind of money back guarantee? I am so glad for all of those whom this has truly helped. And hope it can help so many more!

Tom October 15, 2013

Vader, respectfully, we are not the most wellnourished generation in history. In fact in my studies of what is being done to our food supply, it is clear that our processed foods are starving us of nutrition. I don't have any personal experience with this formula, but I don't find it dificult to believe it helps people and would like to learn more. I'm finding it more and more difficult to believe much of what we are being told through established medical, nutrition, and corporate channels.

Vader October 15, 2013

I'm finding it difficult to believe that ours, the most well-nourished generation in history, is suffering an epidemic of depression because of subtle nutritional deficiencies. How has this treatment measured up in double-blind studies?

Leonard O'Reilly October 15, 2013

We are a part of this and we love how we can help SO many people.