Week 6 Deployment

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Data Driven Farming: Week 6 Deployment

Everything in the previous 5 weeks has been integrated and is deployment and shows my Class Project for Week 7 and helps you prepare for the Week 8 Final Exam. Good luck on Week's 7 and 8 and in your future!


Week Specifics and Questions Slides, Video and Web Player

Big Data Science for Precision Farming Business

1 Five Data Points You Need to Know for Farming

What are they and where can I learn about them?

2 Farm Data Dashboards: USDA and Microsoft Innovation Challenge

What did I do to enter this challenge?

Slides: USDA: Open Data, Big Data and Precision Ag

Slides: Farm Data Dashboards: USDA and Microsoft Innovation Challenge

Video: USDA Innovation Challenge Announcement

Farm Data Dashboard 1: Web Player

Farm Data Dashboard: Web Player


Week 1 Business Understanding

1 Learn about precision agriculture from a leading university

What is a predictive yield model and where does the data come from for it?

2 Read this article and learn about these companies that provide data driven services to farmers and their farms

Do you already use these services, or want to use these service, or learn how to do it you self?


Video: Data Science in Agriculture

Farm Data Dashboard: Web Player

Week 2 Data Understanding

1 InfoAg Conference 2015: That calls itself The Premier Event in Precision Agriculture

What was presented and what can we learn?

2 The Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) initiative

How can we improve agriculture, food and nutrition with open data?


Videos: International Plant Nutrition InstituteUSDA Innovation Challenge Announcement, and Technology Evolution in Agriculture

The Center for Open Data Enterprise: Web Player

Farm Data Dashboard: Web Player

Week 3 Data Preparation

1 UNL Crop Watch and Precision Agriculture

What does data science on UNL Crop Watch and Precision Agriculture content look like?

2 Understanding and Assessing Climate Change: Implications for Nebraska

What should I know and do about climate change as a Nebraska farmer?



Video: Understanding and Assessing Climate Change: Implications for Nebraska

Farm Data Dashboard: Web Player


Week 4 Modeling

1 Modeling the content of the InfoAg Conference 2015 for use and reuse

How many presentors had slides and how can I mine and store the content of those slides?

2 NuGIS: Nutrient Use Geographic Information System

What does their data say about statistical modeling?


Slides: InfoAg 2015 Session: Science of Precision Ag

Videos: International Plant Nutrition Institute

NUGIS: A Nutrient Use Geographic Information System For the U.S.: Web Player


Week 5 Evaluation

1 Evaluate USDA Big Data

What are the USDA Big Data Sets and how can I use them?

2 Evaluate the work of the biggest agro-chemical company in the world. Monsanto, and several other notable precision agriculture activities

What does Monsanto and others do and how can I use it?

Slides: Data Science for USDA Big Data

Video: Agriculture's Role in Mitigating Global Challenges

NCSS Soil Survey: Web Player

NCSS Soil Characterization Database: Web Player


Week 6: Deployment

1 Your Farm Data Dashboard

What are your results for: Business Understanding, Data Understanding, Data Preparation, Modeling, Evaluation, and

2 Applying Your Farm Data Dashboard

Can you use this going forward?


Farm Data Dashboard: Web Player

Week 7: Project Report Link to Your Word Document Links to Your Slides, Spreadsheet, Video and Dashboard
Week 8: Final Examination

Build Your Own Questions and Answers Spreadsheet


Sample Question: According to a recent survey, 50% or more of farmers use data from their farm to:
  • A  compare hybrid/variety productivity
  • B  optimize soil nutrient levels
  • C  minimize input cost
  • D  plan input purchase
Correct Answer: A



Slide 1 Data Driven Farming: Week 6 Deployment

Semantic Community

Data Science

Week 6 Deployment


Slide 2 Outline


Slide 3 Big Data Science for Precision Farming Business


Slide 4 Data Driven Farming Introduction


Slide 5 Week 1 Business Understanding


Slide 6 Week 1 Business Understanding Spotfire


Slide 7 Week 2 Data Understanding


Slide 8 Week 2 Data Understanding Spotfire


Slide 9 Week 3 Data Preparation


Slide 10 Week 3 Data Preparation 1 Spotfire


Slide 11 Week 3 Data Preparation 2 Spotfire


Slide 12 Week 4 Modeling


Slide 13 Week 4 Modeling 1 Spotfire


Slide 14 Week 4 Modeling 2 Spotfire


Slide 15 Week 5 Evaluation


Slide 16 Week 5 Evaluation 1 Spotfire


Slide 17 Week 5 Evaluation 2 Spotfire


Slide 18 Week 6 Deployment


Slide 19 Week 6 Deployment 1 Spotfire


Slide 20 Week 6 Deployment 2 Spotfire


Slide 21 Week 6 Deployment 3 Spotfire


Slide 22 Week 7 Project Report


Slide 23 Week 7 Project Experts Spotfire


Slide 24 Week 7 Project Logs Spotfire


Slide 25 Week 8 Final Exam


Slide 26 Week 8 Final Exam Spotfire


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