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Japan Statistical Yearbook 2012 Spreadsheets

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Chapter 1  Land and Climate
Chapter 2  Population and Households
Chapter 3  National Accounts
Chapter 4  Currency and Flow of Funds
Chapter 5  Public Finance
Chapter 6  Business Activities
Chapter 7  Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Chapter 8  Mining and Manufacturing
Chapter 9  Construction
Chapter 10  Energy and Water
Chapter 11  Information and Communication / Science and Technology
Chapter 12  Transport and Tourism
Chapter 13  Domestic Trade and Services
Chapter 14  Finance and Insurance
Chapter 15  Foreign Trade, Balance of Payments and International Cooperation
Chapter 16  Labour and Wages
Chapter 17  Prices
Chapter 18  Housing and Estate
Chapter 19  Family Income and Expenditure
Chapter 20  Social Security
Chapter 21  Health and Sanitation
Chapter 22  Education
Chapter 23  Culture
Chapter 24  Government Employees and Elections
Chapter 25  Justice and Police
Chapter 26  Environment, Disasters and Accidents
Chapter 27  Comparative International Statistics
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